20 Best Couple Tattoos : Permanently Inking Your Passion

You never thought you could feel this way, but you have finally found the person with whom you would be comfortable spending the rest of your life. The inhibitions, fears, and anxieties that haunted you in the past have almost instantly disappeared, suddenly replaced with feelings of adoration, passion, and yes, even love. What better way could you possibly find to express the depth of your sentiments than with a permanent tattoo dedicated to the most important person in your life?

That’s not a rhetorical question. The response, quite simply, is a couple’s tattoo.

While most people decide to get inked on their own, one trend that seems to have grown tremendously in recent years is the couple’s tattoo. More unifying than an individual dedication tattoo to a lover, a couple’s tattoo captures the mutual depth of devotion between two people with a matching or complementary design etched permanently onto both partners’ bodies.

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While some may consider it to be a laughable notion, the idea of designing a tattoo with your life’s partner is actually very beautiful when done in a tasteful manner that truly represents the unity you share. However, before you take such a big step, make sure that your relationship is built to last. Britney Spears and K-Fed reportedly inked themselves with matching dice after only being together for a short time, while no one could forget the upper arm “Billy Bob” tribute Angelina Jolie had professionally done in honor of her brief beau, Billy Bob Thornton.

Because their designs were too dark to fully expunge from the skin, all parties involved were forced to design cover-up tattoos to get rid of their former flame’s name. What made these couple’s tattoos ridiculous to the general public wasn’t the nature of the designs; rather, it was the fact that neither couple made it to the five-year mark. If you are sure that both of you are committed to the relationship for the long haul, then go for it, but if not, it may be a smarter idea to invest some more time into the partnership before making such a permanent move.

It’s hard enough to decide on a design that represents you as an individual, but coming up with one that embodies your relationship with someone else can be even trickier. Not only are you appealing to your own taste, style, and eye for design, the two of you will need to work with a professional tattoo artist to generate a sketch that you will both completely love.

While you will ultimately have to rack your own for personal touches you could add to your ink, here are a few general ideas for couple’s tattoos that you may want to consider:

Give the finger.

Even if you want to publicly and loudly proclaim your love for someone from a mountaintop, you may want a more discreet tattoo assertion of your love. For couples who may prefer smaller designs or who desire to keep their ink subtle, a tiny design on the ring finger may be the best way to go. While many couples have had wedding rings permanently drawn onto their ring fingers, Beyonce Knowles and Jay-Z decided to stamp the Roman numeral “IV” on their ring fingers to uniquely represent their union. Both of their birthdays are on the fourth day of the month in which they were born, and the famous couple was married on April 4, 2008. Covered by their actual wedding bands, their romantic designs are hidden from the rest of the world, although the two of them always know they are present.

Heart_lock_key_tattoo cute-couple-tattoo-ideas diamond-ring-tattoo-for-couple Finger-couple-tattoo

You complete me.

If you aren’t a fan of the ring finger tattoo, another option is to go with two tattoos that are incomplete on their own but that make perfect sense when they are coupled together. For example, try splitting a quotation that means something special to the two of you in half, with one portion tattooed on each person. If you want to take a more visual approach, you could go with a traditional lock and key design, puzzle pieces that perfectly connect, or even two half-tattoos that make a perfect heart when intersected.

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We built this.

As a power couple, you are creating more than just memories. Whether you have built a business or had a child together, why not decide on matching tattoos of something you have created as a unit? A portrait of your child, the initials of your joint business’ title, or the name of the street on which you built your first home together are all ideas that you can put into action to pay tribute to something meaningful that would have never existed had the two of you not been together.

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Be a copycat.

This is one of the few opportunities in life where you can be a copycat and not get in trouble for it. Perhaps the easiest approach you can take in generating a couple’s tattoo is to simply come up with one design that no one but the two of you will have permanently printed on their bodies.

The design can be something as simple as a coffee cup if you met at a local java joint, or it could be as meaningful as a quotation that was read at your wedding ceremony. Regardless of what you choose, try to make it truly your own to ensure that the two of you are the only ones out there with your unique design. For example, why not add your initials to those coffee cups, or surround that quotation with a heart in the colors you chose for your wedding ceremony?

Not to be taken lightly, the decision to get permanently inked is one of the most consequential choices you will likely ever make. What ultimately matters at the end of the day is how you and your partner feel about the designs. There will always be someone judging or criticizing your decisions, but a tattoo is a mode of self-expression, and all that matters is whether it feels right to you and your loved one.

Like fashion, an ink design can come across as appealing to some or revolting to others, so have the confidence to go for something that really speaks to you. Just make sure that whatever you choose is strikingly beautiful and deeply meaningful in the eyes of both you and your partner.


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