25 Beach Inspired Ideas For Your Home

The beach brings back happy memories of summer time. It’s a time when sunshine, sand and sea made the world a magical place not only for children, but for adults too. Bring some of that magic back into your home to give you inspiration on dull days when those vacations seem a long time ago. Coastal living makes you nostalgic and there’s no reason not to start in the kitchen with a galley style. The kitchen is the hub of the home. This style, colored in blue, brings out thoughts of blue waves and blue skies. It’s not just the color that counts. It’s the casual living style that works for you. For example, bar stools may remind you of beach bars, and breakfast bars may just give the home that really casual feel that people associate with holidays and fun.



Each room of the house can be styled using the beach or special mementos from the beach to create great ambiance. For example, great picture frames can be bought or made using shells. These can take family photographs for the family room or even prints reminiscent of the sea and used in other areas of the home. A ship in a bottle may not be something you thought of but it can look stunning on as a decoration for the home. Nature is filled with inspiration for those that look for it.

Use the same principle to create mirrors for the bathroom area. These colors derived from nature are superb and blend well with your existing decor. The bathroom area is the natural place to add nautical memorabilia as it is the place where people bath. How about a shower mat made from pebbles or a nautical rope used to hang your dressing gown?


It need not stop there, as tiles also have the ability to be dressed up ready for that seaside look. With the use of tile transfers, why not add a nautical themed look to the tiling in the bathroom? White tiling becomes more interesting and the look can be matched off with nautically themed towels. Children love splashing in the water, but will never be far from thoughts of the sea if these reminders are ever present in their day to day lives. Anchors are another seaside thing which can be incorporated. Add anchor shaped soaps and use a large shell as a soap dish.

For the children’s bedrooms, why not add a touch of that holiday season so kids can enjoy it too? A beach mural or a grow chart can be just the trick. In fact, changing rooms that look like beach huts or tents can be fun for the kids even when they are not changing their clothing. Teach the kids how to use shells to create shell boxes that they can keep their treasures in.

Add rope at the side of a staircase wall, with hooks to keep it in place, or simply use nautical rope to place around pictures. Every small detail adds to the overall look.

Even the element of sand can be used by making sand and pebble candle holders. Use the sand in the bottom to give the candles weight and then pebbles to anchor the candles. These look particularly good on the side of the bath or in the bedroom, but can be brought out for dinners with friends.

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Nostalgia comes when looking at seaside items which really do bring back thoughts or dreams of seaside adventures. The message in a bottle is a possibility for the kitchen window sill. Choose brightly colored glass bottles and leave notes for the children or for your husband/wife within the neck of the bottle. These act like fridge magnets to remind people of events to take place in the near future. How about having fridge magnets which depict scenes from the seaside? These make great mementos and can add color to a dull fridge front.

Once of the best pieces of artwork you can have in the home is driftwood. This natural element is so elegant and those pieces suitable for the home will make a conversation piece when used as a focal point in a recess, or even used to decorate the hearth during the season when fires are no longer required. Driftwood bundles have been used to make coat racks or furniture items and these look stunningly beautiful with the grain of the wood showing and the softness of the surface of the wood being a real talking point. It was the sea that made the wood so special and choosing pieces which compliment your home, you really can find treasures reminiscent of the seaside.

For the outside of the house, seaside decoration leaves room for the homeowner to use part of the garden for a pebble garden where decorative lights can be placed as a feature to outside dining space. The dining area outside can use nautical rope as a means of sectioning off the area so that diners feel enclosed in an area of relaxation. Remember that deck chairs are also a very essential item for the home and that there are many available in a variety of colors these days which will enhance the garden area of the home.

These 25 ideas to help you bring the seaside feel into your home space are based on what’s available on the market these days although if you look around at ideas shown, these may spark off other ideas that suit the home you live in. The decorative elements of shells, pebbles, sand, rope, anchors and all beach paraphernalia helps to bring that vacation home with you. The house feels more relaxing and gives a great welcome to guests without being to ostentatious. The difference between style and overdoing it is subtlety. If you can find a way to incorporate these elements elegantly into your home, they make great additions and really don’t detract from the overall look of the home. In fact, they make the home a permanent place of relaxation, and that’s what people today need.


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