25 Superb Armband Tattoos

An armband tattoo is an unbroken tattoo design on a person’s arm that encircles the bicep, and looks striking on both men and women. An armband tattoo isn’t usually very thick, so depending on your tattoo artist and how intricate your design is, it should take roughly an hour to finish. The outer areas of your arm are one of the least painful parts of the body when it comes to tattooing, but the delicate inner arm will be slightly more tender. Have a look at some of the greatest armband tattoo designs out there at the moment, with this gallery of 25.

Celtic Armband Tattoo Designs

Having an armband tattoo in a Celtic tribal style is one of the most popular choices for a tattoo of this type, so there are numerous existing designs for you to take inspiration from. Celtic knot-work is a fantastic style for your Celtic armband tattoo, and is usually done in black and gray with intricate shading.

Nature Armband Tattoos

Looking to nature for your armband tattoo design is a great way to add detail to your tattoo, and choosing something like flowers will help to add a feminine touch if you don’t want a tattoo that looks too masculine. By adding a few colorful flowers to an otherwise black tribal armband tattoo you can brighten it up in an instant. Other natural images to consider include wreaths, vines and tree branches.

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Barbed Wire Armband Tattoo Designs

Another great idea for an armband tattoo, and one that’s fairly simple, is barbed wire. Whether you go for a plain black design, or one that uses colors and shading to make the barbed wire look realistic, a barbed wire armband tattoo looks awesome. You could even add some blood red droplets to make it look like the wire is actually piercing your skin!

Snake Armband Tattoo Designs

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A snake is an ideal choice for an armband tattoo design, as it makes the perfect loop from head to tail. Whether you go for an imposing rattlesnake or a delicate grass snake, you can get some cool detail and color into your design. You could have your snake tattooed in a single line, or expand your armband tattoo by having it encircle your arm two or three times.

Native American Armband Tattoo Designs

A Native American inspired armband tattoo design will produce a beautiful and intricate tattoo. Whatever you choose for the actual armband, (look at Native American jewelry for some great ideas), another image coming from the armband and down your arm will look amazing. For example, a detailed dream-catcher or a stunning feather.

Lettering Armband Tattoo Designs

If you’re looking for something that means a lot to your personally for your armband tattoo design, they why not consider words or a phrase that means something special to you? You don’t have to have it in English if you want to keep an air of mystery to it, there are a number of languages and alphabets that are popular for tattoos, such as Sanskrit, Hebrew or Chinese.

Maori Armband Tattoo Designs


The Maori style of tribal tattooing is another fantastic choice for an armband. Maori designs are done in black ink, like other tribal styles, but the lines and shapes tend to be more curved and sinuous, so look great going around an arm.

Quirky Armband Tattoo Designs

The above images are all popular choices for armband tattoo designs, but in fact you can choose whatever you want for your own, no matter how weird and wonderful, as long as the image you choose fits around your arm. Some fun ideas include bones, mini elephants, skulls and musical notes.


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