29 Beautiful Arabic Tattoos to Redefine Your Style

There is something really elegant and intriguing about the Arabic letters. More and more people have started looking into the option of getting such tattoos. The writing is cursive and elegant and it can lend to the owner a bit of that Oriental mystery and charm.

A lot of celebrities have messages written on their bodies in Arabic letters. Among the most popular of them we can mention Angelina Jolie and Rihanna, Zoe Saldana and Megan Fox, Cheryl Cole and Lilly Collins.

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What to write with Arabic letters?

Your own name

This is a great option. You may grow tired of anything and you may fall out of love with anyone whom you think worthy enough to be carved and inked into your skin. But you must never fall out of love with yourself and with who you are. This is a way of showing that you will always remain true to yourself.

The name of a loved one

If another person does make the cut and gains a special place in your heart, you may want to consider giving him/her a few inches of skin as well just to make things official. Their name in Arabic letters will look even better. Apart from that, in case things do not work out, you can always take advantage of the fact that not everybody can read them and just say that it is your name written there.

Your motto

A motto, a creed, a personal belief or a quote can look really nice when written neatly in Arabic letters. This will bring you closer to what you believe in, while still helping you maintain others at a safe distance from what you hold dear. The rest of the world can find out what is written on your skin by asking, and they may or may not receive an answer, according to what you think of them.


Where should you have the Arabic tattoo done?


On the wrist

One very popular choice is the wrist. The elegant cursive letters are like an adornment, like a small and delicate piece of jewelry. If you want something a bit more masculine, have the tattoo artist tone it up a bit, although most of them know exactly how to draw these tattoos differently according to gender.

On the ribs


Many people have chosen the ribs for the location of their Arabic tattoo. You have a lot of room to write what matters to you and you can really make the letters pop. You can even write your message on a double line. Apart from giving you an exotic air of mystery, the tattoo will also make you appear slimmer as all vertical shapes do.

On the shoulder


This is the most accessible body part for tattoo artists and tattoo owners anywhere in the world. If your body was a greeting card, this would certainly be the place everybody likes to write their wishes on. The shoulder can also be a great place for your Arabic message. Again, you can even write several rows and make it appear even more complex than just a line of cursive, nicely written letters. The more it appears to have a meaning, the more appealing it will be.

Over the waist

tatouage prénom phrase bas du dos

The slimming effect of the cursive line of letters can really lay emphasis on a slim waist line. Getting such a tattoo can be a form of adorning one’s body with words full of meaning.

Around the ankle


Getting an Arabic tattoo around the ankle can give the impression of having a bracelet.

Over the spine


The Arabic letters are the best form of getting a message across in a very elegant form. The visual effect is that of a longer torso. This also goes for this type of tattoo done on the side of limbs.

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What is the most beautiful Arabic tattoo?

We have saved the best for last. Nothing says Oriental better than the Mehndi of Henna tattoos. Originally used as form of adorning the bodies of young brides, these types of tattoos have really gained a lot of ground after their introduction in the Western countries in the 90s. Although these tattoos are meant to be temporary ones, there are still some people who want to take things further and make them permanent.

They are designed for both men and women but they are more popular with women. You can get them done on the palm, on the back of the hand and on the feet, where the skin is lighter and the contrast will make them more interesting. The models are intricate and beautiful and they will make you feel like you own the cultural essence of a people in the palm of your hand.

Arabic tattoos can be amazing pieces of art, especially when done by tattooists with experience particularly in this line of work. They can be beautiful, they can have a really deep impact on the viewers and they are good for amazing and vivid colors.


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