30 Fantastic Mermaid Tattoo Designs

Mermaids are mythical creatures with the upper body of a beautiful woman and the tail of a fish, so little wonder that they’re a popular choice of tattoo design for both sexes and all walks of life. Mermaids were originally popular amongst sailors, who brought the art of tattooing back home with them from their travels to foreign lands, and mermaid tattoos were believed to keep sailors safe if they fell overboard. Mermaid tattoo designs look awesome on both men and women, and make an impressive large tattoo, for example a half- or full-sleeve or a back piece.


Sailor Jerry Mermaid Tattoo Designs

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Famous for tattooing in the 1930s, Norman ‘Sailor Jerry’ Collins has become synonymous throughout the world with old school tattoos, and Sailor Jerry tattoo designs are a fantastic choice if you’re looking for a mermaid tattoo. As a sailor himself, many of his designs are based around a nautical theme, and a Sailor Jerry style mermaid tattoo design will look perfect if you’re a fan of old-school tattoos. As the Sailor Jerry style is characterized by strong colors and simple lines, a Sailor Jerry mermaid tattoo design can be scaled up or down depending on where on your body you want it.

‘Little Mermaid’ Tattoo Designs

little mermaid tattoo 2 little mermaid tattoo 3 little mermaid tattoo 4 little mermaid tattoo 6 little mermaid tattoo 1

For Disney fans, having a colorful tattoo of The Little Mermaid’s Ariel is a cute and fun idea. Choosing a classic reproduction of the Disney mermaid would mean sticking to the same colors and images, so red flowing hair, a turquoise tail and a blue shell bikini top are all essential. Some people choose to shake it up some by adding tattoos to their Ariel tattoo, or have her holding a bottle of liquor, so whatever you want to do to personalize your Little Mermaid tattoo design the choice is endless!

Pin up Mermaid Tattoo Designs

Pin up Mermaid Tattoo 5 Pin up Mermaid Tattoo 7 Pin up Mermaid Tattoo 9 Pin up Mermaid Tattoo Pin up Mermaid Tattoo 4

Having your mermaid portrayed in an old school pin up style looks great, and lets you add a touch of sass and sexiness to your mermaid tattoo design. Pin up girl tattoos developed when sailors during the war mixed their love of pictures of sexy ladies with their new found love of tattooing. A pin up mermaid tattoo would like great topless, perhaps with her back turned and looking cheekily over her shoulder, but pin up style tattoos don’t have to be overtly raunchy to be effective. Check out other pin up girl tattoos and think about the classic pin up poses, and whether they would suit a tattoo of a mermaid pin up girl.

Tribal Mermaid Tattoo Designs

Tribal Mermaid Tattoo 6 trinal mermaid tattoo 1 Tribal Mermaid Tattoo 4

Tribal tattoo designs are characterized by strong, bold black lines in a mixture of simple but striking straight lines and sinuous curves, and this style would make a truly eye-catching mermaid tattoo design. Whether you choose to use tribal lines to make a complete outline of a mermaid, imply the shape of a mermaid or simply use tribal elements in a more detailed mermaid tattoo design, this style of design would look great anywhere on your body. As many of the tribal styles, such as Samoan and Maori, commonly incorporate other elements of the sea such as turtles, waves and sharks, so you could decide on a larger tribal scene than just a mermaid on her own.

Nautical Themed Mermaid Tattoo Designs

Nautical Themed Mermaid Tattoo 2 Nautical Themed Mermaid Tattoo 3

There are a number of other nautical elements that you can incorporate in your mermaid tattoo design, and these work especially well if you’re a fan of old school tattoos. Think of common Sailor Jerry nautical images, such as anchors, nautical stars and compasses, and you can come up with the perfect nautical themed tattoo for you.

Mermen Tattoo Designs

Mermen Tattoo Mermen Tattoo 3 Mermen Tattoo 5 Mermen Tattoo 7

For a fun and creative twist on the mermaid theme, why not choose a merman as your tattoo design? Mermen are the fabled male counterparts for exquisite mermaids. With the tail of a fish and the body of a man, and you could even go for a matching pair, a mermaid and a merman!

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