32 Hilarious Senior Quotes That You Won’t Believe Got Published!

As Rita Repulsa from the show “Power Rangers” might say, “Teenagers!” These 32 high school seniors show off their courage, defying public decorum and writing exactly what they want. It is their own personal senior quote, and they can write whatever they want, even if it might make leave you asking, “Um… Excuse me?”

#1. Are You Sure That’s What You Want To Say?

funny senior quotes


Some people get really creative with their descriptions. Also, how did the school let that one go? It kind of makes you wonder if anyone actually reads these things!

#2. It’s a Meta Thing



Once again… does anyone actually read these things? This is a classic example of the metaphysical – he said exactly want he wanted, in about a lame a way as he could have. I’ll bet he was the kind of guy who got shoved into lockers.

#3 – A Serious Threat



Alright, this makes me a little scared. Somebody should probably go and check on him. I’m serious. This is worrisome.

#4 – At Least He’s Honest

funny senior quotes (2)

It’s not everyone who would be so giving. You should probably not trust this guy around your girlfiend. Although, since he said “I wouldn’t save my friend if he had a hot girlfriend”… well, if sounds like you currently don’t have anything to be worried about. Oh well. Maybe next time!

#5 – Forgetful Much?


We’ve all been there. We’re tired. We don’t know what’s going on. We were given the form to fill out a week ago – but that’s so long ago! Who keeps up with those things?

#6 –A Little Self Promotion Never Hurt Anyone


Oh, he’s so caring. Oh, he’s so nice. Oh, he really believes in his own abilities. This guy is either really, really proud of himself, or he’s really, really, really sarcastic. Does that still make him a “nice guy”?

#7 – You Know, He Could Have Said That Once


Hear me out – perhaps it’s not one of Martin Luther King Jr.’s most famous quotes, but he was a real human person. He probably ate tacos. And maybe some of those tacos were really good.

#8 – It’s True, Though


Although I’m not sure using that exact phrasing is going to do you much good, sir.

#9 – Famous Quotes, Famous People


Wisdom from fame, fame through wisdom.

#10 – The Ancient Greeks Were Full of Wisdom


“There’s nothing new under the sun,” they say. All knowledge flows through time, getting transformed over time and morphing into new forms.

#11 – Presidential Wisdom


Like Martin Luther King, Jr., I’m sure that President Obama eats breakfast like a normal human. And he may even eat waffles at breakfast. But, since he’s the president, he probably has a lot of responsibilities that trouble him. We’ve all been there. We just want to eat some delicious waffles.

#12 – Marry Her


There’s a saying that goes “You start to fall in love when you have your first kiss, but true love is the first time you hear each other fart.” This girl is truly marriage material.

#13 – Verifiably True


I mean, hey, we all know this one is true.

#14 – What An Exciting Life You Lead


And then what? Did you also use cream cheese? Did you toast it? WE NEED TO KNOW.

#15 – He Takes The Form You Desire


Santa is an extension of your soul. He’s what you want him to be.

#16 – It’s Good You’re Leaving, Then


High school isn’t good for everybody, but I’m going to suggest that your attitude probably isn’t helping anything.

#17 – Pokemon Jokes/ Life Jokes


Yes, Magikarp is the most useless creature, but if you nurture it, you get a magical, destructive dragon…. Maybe that’s not the best outcome. Maybe there is a problem here.

#18 – Famous Quotes From Famous People


Darren Criss shares some unconventional wisdom. Also, unlike our past tow “famous quotes,” we all know Chewbacca actually said that.

#19 – Homages are Homage-y


Mario has the patience of a thousand men. Side note: high school is a pretty good metaphor for Mario’s worlds.

#20 – We See What We Want To See


Ah, I see now. You do look handsome, sir!

#21 – Why You Always Read The Fine Print…


You must have purchased the “Return this immediately” bottle.

#22 – Yes, That Is Exactely How It Works


You can put a man through school, but you can’t make him learn anything.

#23 – It’s a Poke- Conspiracy!


You guys are the very best.

#24 – Double Trouble


It’s Just a Class of pranksters!

#25 – I’m Here, I’m Queer, and I Don’t Even Care


Gay is as gay does, and gay don’t even care.

#26 – His Alter Ego!


I wonder if it was a tough year for him when The Incredibles premiered. He is a spitting image of the character.


#27 – This Song Just Speaks To Me, Man


This is comedy in its most pure form. Its metaphysics in its most pure form. It’s pure genius. Next we’ll listen to dancing in the rain while we’re dancing in the rain, or lay at home sick while we’re listening to “Saturday Night Fever.”


#28 – Instagram: Water Hazard


Instagram is brutal, man. One day you’re scrolling through your pictures, trying desperately to forget your pain, when your pain just happens to surface.



#29 – Ohhh… It’s A Metaphor


Excuse while I go throw up. I’ll be right back… maybe never.



#30 – Oh, the Irony


I’m not sure which I want more: For this to be a planned coincidence, or for this to be a total surprise.


#31 – Who Doesn’t Though, Really


Pancakes are so good. Not sure if they’re “this is my quote forever” good, but they’re close.

#32 – And, Finally, The Most Accurate Quote Ever


Now get out of here, stop reading this article, and go live a life!


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