5 Amazing and Useful Holiday Crafts

Holidays are always special and we really spend it in our way. There are many ways by which you can hang up on your holidays and you have thought about it. If your holiday season is about to come you can think of spending it in a bit creative way. Creative people will always think of holidays in a different way and when you are reading this article, we think that you are in love with crafts. Here we have come up with some amazing as well as useful holiday craft ideas that really going to make your home decoration special and also in limit of your pocket. So please don’t miss this chance.

Amazing and Useful Holiday Crafts:

Palette Flower Headband:

Supplies: A plastic or metal headband whatever you prefer, Multi use glue, Sequin trim absolutely the same as length of your headband and a Palette Flower.

Procedure: Cut the sequin trims same as the length of your head band and apply glue all over the metal or plastic headband. Now stick the sequin trim in the centre of the headband. Now press it nicely so that it sticks in the right place. Now according to your wish, place the palette flower in the headband wherever you like.

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3D Glitter Stars:

Supplies: Craft Knife, A mat board, Craft Glue, Small Paintbrush, Spoon, Silver glitter, Metallic cord, Thick Needle, Wire and Star ornament Template

Procedure: At first, print out the template of the star in the size you need it. Cut it out nicely. For making out a single star you will have to trace the template twice on the mat board and then cut it with the knife. Fit the four pieces together and then brush it up with glue and spoon glitter over it. Now keep it aside to dry for few minutes. After it has dried up completely, use the needle to poke a hole on the top and add a hanging loop of metallic cord. For the tree topper, poke two holes on the arms of the star and thread wire through it to attach at the top of the tree.

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Lace Tile Coaster:

Supplies: Tiles of 4 ¼ inches square, Chantilly Lace Trims, Lace Yardage (Scraps), Enamel Metallic spray paint, Spray glue, Cork Surface protectors.

Procedure: Cut pieces of lace to cover the tile and glue one side of it so that it sticks to the tile. After doing this, notice that the lace is glued in a smooth way and without any wrinkles. Now spray paint the color you want and put it aside to dry up completely. Now carefully peel off the lace and place it over another tile. You can use the same to lace to prepare 3-4 tiles. Now attach the cork surface protectors to the undersides.

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Sequin Ball Earrings:

Supplies: Wire cutter, Gold Plated Chain of 5 inch long, 30 Gauge gold jewelers wire, Two 20 mm sequin covered wooden beads, Two 4 mm Gold beads, Gold ball earring posts with small o-ring at their base.

Procedure: Cut two 2 ½ inch lengths of gold chain and 1 ½ inch gold wire. Now you will have to thread 1 piece of wire through one gold bead and thread the wire through the end of one chain. Twist the wire together to hold the
beads in place and if excess then trim it. Now your next work is to thread the Chain through the sequin wrapped bead. Cut a 1 ½ inch piece of wire and thread through the top link of the chain and through the o-ring on the bottom of the post. Twist the wire to hold the post in place and trim the excess. Repeat the same process with the other earring and your project is done.

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Business Card Cases:

Supplies: Button Stud, Card Case Template , Piece of leather and Mini Hole Punch.

Procedure: Print out the template exactly as it is given. The size is done according to the project. Cut out the pattern and trace it onto the piece of leather. Cut the leather according to the shape. As shown in the picture, make holes on the three sides of the leather. The top whole should be a bit bigger as the button stud is to be placed there. Now fold the leather in to envelope shape bring the left and right flap inward and line up the hole. Hold them together with the button stud. Now you have to insert the back piece of the button stud through the holes in the flap. Finally screw it up with the front piece of the button stud and push it through the hole on the top flap.

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Now that’s enough to make your holiday a special one. All the projects given here are mostly very easy and anyone can make it with a little experience of craft.

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