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25 Super Sexy Pin Up Girl Tattoo Designs

Pin up girl tattoo designs are very popular with both men and women, and are a great way to personalize your ink as you can choose from a wide variety of poses, outfits and themes. The pin up girl became popular during the Second World War as a way to keep up the morale of

25 Superb Armband Tattoos

An armband tattoo is an unbroken tattoo design on a person’s arm that encircles the bicep, and looks striking on both men and women. An armband tattoo isn’t usually very thick, so depending on your tattoo artist and how intricate your design is, it should take roughly an hour to finish. The outer areas of

17 of the Most Powerful Warrior Tattoo Designs

The word warrior probably conjures up violence, fighting and death, which may not be the imagery you’re looking for in your new tattoo design. However, having a tattoo of a mighty warrior symbolizes so much more than that, and it is a wonderful way to have a strong, detailed and meaningful design. Warriors represent strength,

30 of the Most Amazing Car and Motorcycle Tattoo Designs

A love of cars and motorcycles and all things automotive often comes hand in hand with a love of tattoos, so choosing a car tattoo design or a motorcycle tattoo design is a great way for petrol heads to show their love of their machines. Whether you’re thinking of getting your own car or motorcycle

30 Cool and Crazy Monkey Tattoo Designs

With monkeys being so close to humans in evolutionary terms, it’s no wonder that we have an affinity with them as animals. Choosing a monkey for your next tattoo design is a cool choice, and the range of different styles for you to choose from is practically endless. From tiny monkey symbols to immense and

40 Food Tattoos That Look Good Enough to Eat

Food is one thing that we all have in common, whatever our sex, age or nationality, so it’s no wonder that it’s a popular choice for tattoo designs. People get food tattoos for different reasons; it may be that they love a particular food, work in a culinary profession or just think a certain food

25 Amazingly Creative Tattoos Inspired by Music

Many people share a love of tattoos with a love of music, so a design inspired by music makes a wonderful and personal tattoo. Your music tattoo design can be very specific, for example musical notes or a design inspired by your favorite band, or more abstract, like an image taken from song lyrics. Whether

20 Awesomely Creepy Horror Tattoo Designs

If you’re looking for a tattoo with shock value, then why not consider a horror themed design? Many people are fans of horror movies, and the villains and monsters they portray is a great way to get a scary tattoo and showing your love for the genre at the same time. Horror tattoos can range

24 of the Greatest Sport Tattoo Designs

For sports fans of any sex or age, a sport tattoo design is an outstanding choice for showing your love for a particular sport or team. Sports tattoos can be large or small, detailed or simple, and black and gray or brightly colored, it’s totally down to the individual to decide. If you’re considering getting