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40 Curvy Polynesian Tattoo Designs

The minute you hear the word Polynesian, then your mind instantly flashes you pictures of the islands where life is mellow, the women seem to be curvier, the weather pleasant and everything so natural. That is why it does not seem wrong at all to use the word curvy when talking about Polynesian tattoos. The

40 Forever Matching Tattoo Ideas For Best Friends

What would life be without your best friends? Can you just imagine a life like that without any friends around especially that special best friend that you cannot life without? The thing is friendship is something that is important in many people’s lives and we cannot think of a better way to show your allegiance

40 Collar Bone Tattoo Ideas For Girls

Have you ever thought of what aspects of a girl that make her so feminine? The thing is most people (translate as guys) will state the obvious but this is not the case. Actually, what makes a girl feminine and sweet are the small things that are not obvious and one of the most feminine

40 Chest Tattoo Design Ideas For Men

Have you ever thought of one tattoo type that is more suited for men than anything any other tattoo type? We know that picking one category would be difficult but we can all agree that chest tattoos do represent the male tattoo genre better than any other area. This does not mean that you cannot

30 Funny High School Senior Quotes

Young ones on the verge of adulthood can be full of life and enthusiasm. They can be funny and inspired and sometimes they can say thing that will have you reeling with laughter. That is why you cannot even imagine some of the hilarious senior quotes that you won’t believe got published. Seniors while being