8 Basic Lawn Care Tips

Getting beautiful lawn right at your home was a dream. But now it has become one of the most easiest things you have ever done. A healthy lawn will look like a green smooth carpet and you always dream to get such a lawn of your own. So to get a perfect thing obviously you will have to change your mindset but the most important thing is that you will have to think for the grasses. That’s all you will need. Now the three basics things for a lawn are sun, water and fertilizer. Once you get these things, you and your lawn both will be happy. So let’s try out, here’s the steps to get started for a beautiful lawn.

Basic Lawn Care Tips:

1. Setting the soil: First of all, growing up a good lawn is like an adventure and you will have to go through proper planning. Actually, people think that the method of your planting actually depends but it’s completely a misperception. You can choose any type of right planting method according to your wish but the most important factor that we all skip and the initial stage is testing out the pH level of the soil. This is a very basic test that you should do before starting with your lawn. You may contact with a nursery for the test or even you can bring out DIY soil test kits and do it on your own. Then take out all the weeds and add loam and compost to enrich the soil. Make a slight slope for proper drainage. Use a roller to pack down the soil and grade the area with metal rake.

2. Seeding: Actually, rolling out a carpet of sod is a great idea but it can be expensive if your lawn area is really big. So the only best alternative is seeding. You can do it with hand or even you can use the recently popularized method hydro seeding.

10 Basic Lawn Care Tips 2

3. Go for a Shave: Talking about the lawn secrets, the mowing height is a very important factor. Don’t ever mow your lawn to short; it will actually stress your grasses. Try to mow the top third of the grass. The main thing behind it is that taller grasses help in better root development and that’s good for your lawn. It blocks the sun that weed seeds need to germinate.

4. Watering: This is a very crucial step in the whole gardening phase. Actually, there is no need of watering regularly to keep your garden green. You can water only once in a week but remember to water deep. There are various benefits of watering once in a week. Weekly soaking helps the roots to extend deeper. To figure out the amount of water your lawn needs you will have to take your soil type into account. The soils that are sandy dries out faster while the clay soils hold the moisture longer. But for the newly seeded lawn, you should water every day for 10 minutes and when the seeds start sprouting, water for 15-20 minutes.

10 Basic Lawn Care Tips 4

5. Feeding: As we all get hungry and need meals, lawn also get’s hungry and needs meal. So you will have to add fertilizers to the lawn to keep it healthy. Spring and the fall, these are the two best time for fertilization but some prefers the mid summer time. The most popular fertilizer with gardeners is NPK (Nitrogen-Phosphate-Potassium) fertilizers. But this fertilizer will not provide everything your grass will need. Instead, try to use complete fertilizers that include Sulfur, Copper and Iron. Apply dolomite lime every few years in addition to the fertilizers but that completely depends on the pH level of the soil.

6. Weeds: Weed is a great problem that almost very gardener face. But the best idea is to grow healthy grasses that it blocks the growth of weeds. Even the process of mowing regularly also helps out as it top off the weeds. Now the most important factor is that some prefers using herbicides but that also if used should be natural.

10 Basic Lawn Care Tips 6

7. Air Supply: Actually, when the grass gets too much compacted, nutrient’s can’t penetrate to the roots. So you should obviously go for aeration process in your lawn to improve the oxygen circulation. You can use your spike boots to make holes in the ground. This works very well.

10 Basic Lawn Care Tips 7

8. Types of Grass: Selecting the type of grass completely depends on your choice, if you want a lawn like a golf course, then you will have t think of finer textures, while if you are looking for Astroturf, you will have to go for something else. There are hundred types of grass available and you will have to select one from the variety.
So for that you consult with your local nursery about the type of grass that grows well in your area.

10 Basic Lawn Care Tips 8

Growing a perfect lawn for your home can’t be much easier than this. Follow the steps for a healthy and beautiful lawn and yes if you face any problem then don’t forget to consult with the local nursery for any help. If you have a gardener friend, you can also take some help if you are a beginner.

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