How to Beat Jet Lags

Whenever we think of travelling on airways, we think of having a lot of fun. Actually, having a good flight journey is always good but the thing that really disturbs us is the jet lag. We travel here and there and between different time zones and that become tough for us to adjust. Jet lags happen only when we travel for long distances. Though long air journeys are really boring but there are hardly any other options that you can select. Our body is not at all designed for travelling long distances in a high speed. We all go through a regular routine and when it suddenly changes, various problems occur in our body. But to say frankly, jet lags only happen due to some of our common mistakes. If you really consider avoiding these mistakes, you can avoid jet lags. So let us know about some ways that can help you in beating jet lags.

How to Beat Jet Lags:

Getting a Good Sleep: This is probably the most important step you should go through. Having a sound sleep before you, start travelling for a long flight journey is very essential. Actually if you are thinking that you will be sleeping in the flight, it is not the cup of tea for everyone. Not all people can sleep soundly in a flight due to the altitude problem. But as you are travelling for a long distance, you should try out getting good sleep from a few days ago, that will actually adjust the amount of sleep you should get.

How to Beat Jet Lags 1

Shift your Routine: Just think of the routine you will be having after the flight journey. Yeah, once you get it, start adjusting your routine with that new routine. That means, you will have to think of it a few day before the flight journey. As you will be travelling to a different time zone, you should know the difference to make the adjustment. So your workout time, your mealtime, your sleep time everything should be changed to face the new routine.

How to Beat Jet Lags 2

Avoid Alcohol: Dehydration is a very important issue when you think of travelling in an altitude. Dehydration is also going to irritate you with lots of problem. So avoid taking too much of alcohol if you are going to travel very soon. Taking a single glass of wine is not the matter we are telling about, but do not take too much of alcohol in a party or somewhere because it will leave you in a severe irritating headache and you will never be able to adjust with the new time zone.

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Avoid Naps: Some people have a habit of taking naps throughout the day. This is not at all good for beating the jet lag. Stay awake completely before it is bedtime in your new time zone. It may be painful for some people to do that but if you can do it, you will be getting a good result. Instead of taking nap, go for a walk, feel the fresh air outside or spend the time with some interesting activities.

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Avoid Pills or any other medications: Some people will suggest you take some medications for getting relief from the jet lags but actually, you should avoid such suggestions. Jet lags cannot be treated with medications and it can only be treated by maintaining a proper routine. Even you will be listening about the melatonin, which is a supplement that regulates the body’s sleep cycle. However, it also has some side effect with improper dosage. So never, think of taking all these medications to beat up your jet lag. Instead, look for some natural ways.

How to Beat Jet Lags 5

Natural Remedies: There are various natural remedies that you can use as additional remedies. Lavender essential oil is very well known as sleep enhancer. It will help you to get a good sleep and will also give you refreshment the next day or you can try out Pycnogenol, which is a dietary supplement extracted from the bark of French pine trees.

How to Beat Jet Lags 6

So now having a long flight journeys is not that irritating for you as you can easily avoid your jetlags with these procedures. Frankly saying, you will be getting a lot of good results from the nest time you try out these steps. So just let us know how your experience was after the first time, you tried with these steps. So to all of you of you those who will be travelling for a long time in flight, please try out these tips to beat the jet lags easily.

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