5 Beautiful and Creative Last Minute Christmas Decoration Ideas

Christmas is already a few days far from you and still not yet decided how to decorate your home? But don’t think that time has gone. If you want to go creative there are many decoration projects that you can make out within a short time. Yes here we have come up with 5 amazing projects that can be made within few hours or days. But this is the time you should obviously start with your projects as there is an ultimate fun in making decoration with items made by you. Just go through the tutorials and make it out.

Beautiful and Creative Last Minute Christmas Decoration Ideas:

1. Candy Cane Centerpiece:

Supplies: Two sided ribbon, Clean empty can or a cylindrical vase, Rubber band, Candy Canes, Wide ribbon and Roses.

Method: Take the two sided ribbon and cover up the empty can or cylindrical vase with it and then slide the rubber bands around the vase or can. Now begin inserting the candy canes behind the rubber band. Tie the ribbon around the vase and follow that the rubber band is completely covered with it. Once this process is done, then fill it with some amount of water and arrange for a bunch of roses. If you are making it for any special guest, then you can also include a label with the name written in it. You can also check out the details tutorial in this link.

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2. DIY Tin Can Snowman:

Supplies: 3 empty cans of different sizes, Paint brush, White and Pink Paint for painting the cans, Black felt for hat, variety of buttons, Christmas fabric for making a scarf, Thick floral wire for the hands and hot glue.

Method: First take the cans and paint it full with white paint. Once it dries up completely, take the smallest can to make head portion. Turn your tin can upside down and attach the buttons in it for making eyes, nose and mouth. Now when you are done with the head, take the medium size can and attach the floral wire to make out arms from it. Make a whole behind the tin can and hot glue the wire to make the arms on two sides. Now you will have to make the hat in the process as given in this tutorial. So it’s time to put all the things together in the way as shown in the picture. It’s completed. If you want, you can also make a scarf for the snowman with the Christmas fabric.

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3. DIY K-Cup Advent Calendar:

Supplies: 24 Clean K-Cups, Tissue Paper, 3 Pieces of Cardboard, Duct Tape, Number Stickers, Ribbon, Hot Glue Gun, 24 Small Chocolates and Push Pins.

Method: Clean all the 24 K-Cups nicely and put them aside to dry completely. Now search for an advent activity calendar on the internet and create it with your own hand. Take a print out of the template and be sure that you are taking out 2 copies of the printout. Make the Christmas tree where the K-Cups will rest on. Make sure that the cardboard is thick enough to hold 24 K-Cups. Make your own thanking discs so that you can out it inside the K-Cups. Cut out the tissue paper circles and number them. Now after that finally assemble the DIY K-Cups advent calendar and glue it up nicely. If you need some more details about the project, it’s better to check out the original tutorial here. 

Beautiful and Creative Last minute Christmas Dedcoration Ideas (1)

4. Light Bulb Penguins:

Supplies: Old Unused Light Bulbs, Paint Brush for Painting, Fabric Paint, Unused Woolen Gloves to make out hats and glue.

Method: This is one of the easiest projects in this tutorial. If you have just a bit of craft work sense in you, you can make it in just a few hours. The project is making out beautiful penguins from old and unused light bulbs. Firstly you will have to paint out the light bulbs so that it looks like a penguin. For you assistance you can look at the method of painting in the picture below. Let the paint dry completely and then cut a piece of ribbon to hang the bulb. Take the glue and stick it at the tip of the bulb nicely so that it can be hanged. Now cut the thumb of unused woolen gloves and make out the hats for the penguin. Make a hole on the cut gloves so that you can insert the ribbon from it. Now your project is completely done.

Beautiful and Creative Last minute Christmas Dedcoration Ideas (2)

5. Toilet Paper Christmas Tree:

Supplies: Toilet Paper Rolls, Paint and Brush, Stapler to fix the rolls together, Pair of Scissors and Christmas Ornaments.

Method: First staple all the toilet paper rolls to make out a Christmas tree. Paint the tree completely with green colored paint and the bottom with brown color so that it indicates the branches. Let the paint get dry fro few hours. Decorate the full tree with variety of ornaments to make it look more attractive. Both the sides should be decorated so that it looks the same from both the sides. No it’s ready and you can use it for your Christmas

Beautiful and Creative Last minute Christmas Dedcoration Ideas (4)

This festive season is going to one of the most creative with your hand decorated projects. Just enjoy the Christmas season and keep your house decorated with more creative ideas.

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