10 Most Beautiful Churches in the World

If you travel around the world, one thing you will notice that the construction style changes with every place. Maybe it’s due to that every single country has different construction styles. You will find no similarity between a structure of Britain and a structure of Poland. It differs a lot. But the most normal thing is that whenever you go to a sacred place as a devotee, you will forget about all these things as all your attention will be on the devotion. But some of these structures are so beautiful that you cannot believe you are seeing it in front of your eyes. Here, we will be talking about the most beautiful churches in the world to get amazed by the architectural beauty.

Most Beautiful Churches in the World:

1. Las Lajas Cathedral: It is a minor basilica church, which is located in the South Colombian Department of Nariño. It is built inside the canyon of the river Guaitara. It was built in 1949 adapting a gothic style, there is great historical story behind the building of this church and it rises 100 m high from the bottom of the canyon and is connected with a 50 m tall bridge with the opposite side of the canyon.

10 Most Beautiful Churches in the World 1

2. St. Basil’s Cathedral: This church is a Russian Orthodox Church and is built in the Red Square in Moscow. It actually marks the geometric center of the city since it is made. It was actually the tallest building of Moscow until the Ivan the Great Bell Tower was built in 1600. The most beautiful thing about this church is that it doesn’t resemblance the Russian architecture.

10 Most Beautiful Churches in the World 2

3. St. Peter’s Basilica: This church is known to have the largest interior among all the Christian Churches in
the World. It is a famous place for pilgrimage among the Christians all over the world just because of its historical importance and liturgical functions. The church was opened in the year 1626 and from that, time holds a great position in the Christian world.

10 Most Beautiful Churches in the World 3

4. Hallgrimskirkja: The largest church of Iceland and known as the sixth tallest architecture in the Iceland. The design of this church was commissioned in 1937 and it took almost 38 years to build the church. The construction work began in 1945 and ended in 1986. The church is also used as an observation tower at the top and it is regarded as a gift from the USA.

10 Most Beautiful Churches in the World 4

5. Notre Dame Du Haut: It was designed by Le Corbusier and is located in Ronchamp. The building of the church itself in small is nature but the walls are thick with the upturned roof supported on columns embedded within the walls. All together, the architecture is truly unique and it will just make you spell bound at the first look.

10 Most Beautiful Churches in the World 5

6. Sagrada Familia: A large Roman Catholic church situated in Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain. The church is still incomplete and the construction is going on. In spite, of being incomplete, it is one of the most beautiful churches of the world. It has a long history associated with it and people around the world regard it as one of the most beautiful instance of the middle age architecture.

10 Most Beautiful Churches in the World 6

7. Gergeti Trinity Church: This church is built in Georgia below the Mt. Kazbegi. It was built in the 14th century and has a separate bell tower. It is also famous as a navigation point by the trekkers who make a three-hour mountain climb to reach it. However, the religious services were banned in the Soviet era but once again; it is used as a place of worship.

10 Most Beautiful Churches in the World 7

8. Matthias Church: Located in Hungary, this church is a Roman Catholic Church built in the Buda’s Castle District. It was extensively damaged during the World War II and was occupied by the Germans and Soviets. The renovation of the whole structure finished in 2013.

10 Most Beautiful Churches in the World 8

9. Thorncrown Chapel: The unique church in the list, which is situated in USA. There are over 425 windows in the church and over 6000 square feet in covered with glass. It actually won many architectural awards and one of the great places for worship. It was opened to the outsiders in 1980.

10 Most Beautiful Churches in the World 9

10. Borgund Stave Church: This church was built by the Villagers of the Borgund Village of Norway. It was in 1180, when this church was built. The most amazing thing about this church is that it is a medieval wooden church still standing today. It is now preserved as a museum.

10 Most Beautiful Churches in the World 10

This is the list of 10 beautiful churches around the world which you should have a visit. Actually, these are
located in different parts of the world and if you are a preacher of architecture, you should obviously forget everything and plan for a go to these wonderful churches around the world.

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