10 Most Beautiful Cities in the World

So when you are thinking out for a big holiday to travel, you will be getting confused about deciding the place to go. But when you really love to travel and explore, we will suggest you all to go in one if the most beautiful cities of the world. Yeah! May be you don’t know about the cities, but here we are to guide you through the process. Now you will have to know the names of the most beautiful cities that can give you some extraordinary experiences and will make your holiday special and remembering for the lifetime. Let’s know about some of these cities.

Most Beautiful Cities in the World:

1. Paris: You know very well that Paris is one of the most sophisticated and elegant cities in the world. Each and every corner of the city is full of artistic touches and the monumental squares, the grand boulevards; beautiful bridges make something very unique. Frankly, saying, Paris itself has inspired almost every capital cities around the earth. So just, drown yourself into some romance and fall in love with the place.

10 Beautiful Cities in the World 1

2. Lisbon: It’s situated on the mountains near the Tagus River and is regarded as one of the most scenic cities of the world. The main feature of this city is that it will give you some colorful experience all around. It is a hill city and there are different viewpoints from where you can take the beautiful experience. Actually, the essence of this city is something that you will never get anywhere else. The tiled facades and pastel colored buildings make it more attractive.

10 Beautiful Cities in the World 2

3. Amsterdam: After going to this city, you will be confused by seeing monuments everywhere you out your eyes. No all these are not monuments but they look like monuments. Sounds very confusing but actually most of the houses in this city looks like monuments but all these are office, café, hotels and even brothels. So this is one of the most stunning places with bridges and bikes crossing the canals and of course the beautiful architectures everywhere.

10 Beautiful Cities in the World 3

4. Rome: The city stands on the seven hills by the Tiber River and is a treasure of beautiful classic architectures and monuments. Most of the people visit this city to have a look on the landmarks and usually they overlook the beauty of the streets. So don’t also miss out the beauty of these picturesque streets and the lovely homes on both sides.

10 Beautiful Cities in the World 4

5. Bruges: The city is often said as a small city in a small country but we say it’s of huge beauty. It’s one of the most beautifully preserved medieval cities with Gothic and Baroque monuments surrounded by an oval canal. Without any confusion, it’s one of the most visited cities in Europe and is easily accessible from almost every part of the continent. Come here for some peace.

10 Beautiful Cities in the World 5

6. Venice: Yeah! There may be some controversies, but it is the most beautiful city in the world according to us. Due to the interesting nature of the city and full of uniqueness, it helps Venice to achieve the topmost position in the world. Each and every building in the city is a piece of art. So not coming to this city is a big miss.

10 Beautiful Cities in the World 6

7. Rio de Janeiro: Actually, this city is blessed by nature with stunning settings. That’s the reason it is regarded as one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Though the city is full of high-rise buildings and big population, but still when you see it from the famous Sugarloaf Mountain, you will see a beautiful landscape.

10 Beautiful Cities in the World 7

8. Vancouver: The city considered as one of the livable cities in the world. This city is a great choice for those who love both mountains and sea beaches. It is the 3rd largest metropolitan region in the nation of Canada and comes with eco friendly green spaces, Coast Mountains and Stanley Park.

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9. Prague: It is the city famous for beautiful monuments, the magnificent Charles Bridge and stunning buildings. Each of the things in this city will impress you and is also known as the city of thousand spires. One of the most famous examples is the Prague Castle that will give you an idea of the architecture of the city. The city is also known all over the world for Culture, music and churches.

10 Beautiful Cities in the World 9

10. Florence: Florence, the city recognized as the ‘World Heritage Site’ by the UNESCO. The city holds the ideal examples of the Renaissance architecture. So when you are planning for a trip to this city, it will be unforgettable for the whole lifetime. So it’s a place you should visit in a lifetime.

Pack your bags and step out of your house to feel the beauty of these most beautiful cities in the world. You can’t get the experience sitting at home, so dream and think yourself in any of the streets of these beautiful cities. It’s a real fun.

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