30 Simple And Beautiful Tiny Tattoo Designs

Once you have decided that you will go for the tattoo that you have always wanted, you may find that there are still some lingering doubts about it. You may wonder whether you will be able to carry it off at work and at home. Or even wonder about it how much it is going to cost you and how much it is going to hurt you. And most important of all, what if you regret getting a tattoo down the line?

Well, all these are normal and reasonable doubts to have but the bottom line is you want to have a tattoo. Then the thing to do is go for a tiny tattoo. You will be investing a little bit of skin and it will give you a peek into how the whole thing looks and feels.

tiny tattoos (30)

Tiny tattoos can make their own awesome statement. There are several things that you should think about:

  • Think about if the design looks good in a tiny size, You can try and keep it as clean or a simple as possible so that it looks good. tiny tattoos (24)
  • Think about where you are going to place it. A tiny tattoo looks better when the area of skin it is placed on is also smaller or it can be mistaken for a blemish tiny tattoos (6)
  • Think about whether it can be built on. Once you have a tattoo, the chances are that you will get one more. So do think about whether this design can become part of another one in the future. tiny tattoos (1)
  • Think about the artist you are going with. Another important consideration as each artist tends to have his or her specialty. Go to one who is good at tiny tattoos.

Once you have these considerations thought out and resolved upon, it is time to look at the actual design options for your tiny tattoo.

Examples of Beautiful Tiny Tattoo Designs

The Ladybug: This one is cute and,  due to its tiny appeal lends itself well to being made into a tiny tattoo. It is delicate and feminine and  also colorful which adds to the appeal of this design.

tiny tattoos (10)
A Sweet Treat: If you are one of those who spends most of the time thinking about what sweet you are going to have next, then this one will appeal to you. You can have a cupcake or some such delicious treat tattooed.

tiny tattoos (2)
Heart: A heart is not only cute and feminine, it can be easily done in a tiny tattoo version and also has a lot of significance to the person getting it tattooed. If the artist is capable you can even add an initial or two there.

tiny tattoos (12)
The bee: Another simple cute and appealing tiny tattoo design is the bee. It looks amazing in the tiny size and you can also add an initial or the word me on it to make it more personal.

tiny tattoos (13)
The placement of a tiny tattoo is of great importance to get the impact that you wish your little tattoo generated. Apart from the design aspect,  this is one thing that you have to think of or you will have the chance of having your tattoo noticed or completely missed.

Just behind the Ear: This is a great place for a small tattoo. You can wear an initial or a feather that will look great on this location. But you do have to consider how irritating it will be to get it.

tiny tattoos (18)
On the wrist:
This is another great place to get a tiny tattoo. It definitely counts as one of the most suitable spot.

tiny tattoos (29)
The nape of your neck: This area can also be suited for a tiny tattoo and you can camouflage it with a high neck blouse or necklace when you want to hide it.

tiny tattoos (25)

tiny tattoos (27)

tiny tattoos (28)

tiny tattoos (26)

tiny tattoos (23)

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