10 Best Places to watch the Sunrise in the Earth

We start our day with sunrise, and if you have ever experienced the sunrise in front of your eyes, you can never forget that. It’s a regular phenomenon of nature and it happens every day. But sunrise can be experienced in a different way from different places. Perhaps you know about some of the places that are popularly known for its sunrise scene. Yes, nothing can look such beautiful than a sunrise. So if you want to experience it in a different ways, this article will help you out. Here is a list of 10 best places to watch the sunrise in the earth. Being a part of this earth, you cannot even think of missing it.

Best Places to watch the Sunrise in the Earth:

1. Mount Sinai, Egypt: This place has a great historical importance because of the mythology related to it. Christians, Jews and Muslims all believe that the Moses received their ten commandments in this Mount Sinai as mentioned in Bible, Torah and Quran respectively. So, this makes it a religious destination among the people all over the world. Still many people cover the route of Mount Sinai by foot for religious purposes and of course to see one of the beautiful sunrises in the world.

10 Best Places to Watch the Sunrise in the Earth 1

2. Haleakala National Park, Hawaii, USA: Yes, it’s a real pain walking up at 2 am in the morning and pick the bus at 3 am to go to the spot. But really, you will think the opposite after viewing the scenic sunrise from the top of the volcano. You will find various vans picking up passengers to drop to the event from where the sunrise can be clearly viewed. It’s going to be a perfect holiday trip.

10 Best Places to Watch the Sunrise in the Earth 2

3. Fiji: Actually Fiji is one of the first place in the earth to see the sunrise. This is because of its longitudinal position. This south pacific destination is the favorite for the lovers of turquoise seas and white sand beaches. But the sunrise from Fiji will give you an inspirational scenic experience, which you have never got before. After the sunrise, you can follow with other explorations like scuba diving and all.

10 Best Places to Watch the Sunrise in the Earth 3

4. Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania: Kilimanjaro is actually famous among every mount climbers. Even every explorer’s dream of climbing this mountain peak once in the lifetime. But if you really can do that, it will be giving you a return with the amazing sunrise. It is regarded as one of the most enchanting sunrises in the world. Mount Kilimanjaro is 19,341 feet above from the sea level and you can imagine how the sunrise is going to look like.

10 Best Places to Watch the Sunrise in the Earth 4

5. Grand Canyon, Arizona, USA: Grand Canyon features the most impressive sunrises in USA regularly. The cool purple color of the Grand Canyon melts into the shades of bronze and orange to create a beautiful as well as colorful experience. You can also say this as the America’s greatest natural wonder. There are various viewpoints from where you can experience the view in different manner.

Grand Canyon Sunrise

6. Tulum, Mexico: Tulum is known to draw the spiritual travelers from all over the world for its environment and culture. You will be getting a touch of beauty and natural scenery all in single place at this Tulum. It is a great holiday spot for the nature lovers as the place has a think green mentality and has a great effort towards sustainability. You will find that regularly, sun worshippers gather from around the world just to watch the sunrise.

10 Best Places to Watch the Sunrise in the Earth 6

7. Svalbard, Norway: Norway is known as the land of midnight sun, and here the sun stays in the sky for 24 hours a day. But you may be thinking that if the sun stays in the sky all over the day, then what’s the importance of seeing the sunrise. Yes, it holds a great magical appeal for the visitors. It is situated in the north of Arctic Circle. So the glaciers and mountains of Svalbard create a painting like landscape that is the special feature here.

10 Best Places to Watch the Sunrise in the Earth 7

8. Stonehenge, England: This spot is mainly famous for viewing the Vernal equinox. Stonehenge also has a deep spiritual connection for the religious believers. It is also known for its magical sunrise. If you are a photographer, you can’t even miss out any of the moments.

10 Best Places to Watch the Sunrise in the Earth 8

9. Siem Reap, Cambodia: Actually, this place has a powerful view in any time of the day, but starting the day with sunrise from here will actually be a remembering moment all over the life. Here is a preserved temple, which draws people from around the world, which have an insight of both Hindu and Khmer mythology. You will have to spend more than a day to cover the full place.

10 Best Places to Watch the Sunrise in the Earth 9

10. Tres Cruces, Peru: Tres Cruces is also known as the gateway of Machu Picchu. This mountain spot in the Amazon basin is mainly famous for Incas. It is also regarded as a sacred spot among the spiritual travelers. But the main thing that will take all your attraction is the scenic sunrise. It is known to create celestial hues and Polaroid views from above the clouds.

10 Best Places to Watch the Sunrise in the Earth 10

So missing out these places and its sunrise view is going to be a great miss out in your life. If you really love to wander around the world and explore different things, you should think of going to these places to experience the beauty of nature.

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