10 Best Radio Streaming Applications on Android

Samsung has come up with numerous android devices; one of the most recent being the Galaxy S.4. This device is great fun to use and has many features that make it very useful. Among all these superb specifications, they seem to have missed one of the simplest – the FM radio. When we delve deeper into the reasons behind it, the view that is given is that of changing trends. Apparently the trends show that users are more interested in aspects like videos and social networking sites.

The reasons do not matter, the truth is that Android users more so for those who want to have the older applications options too, feel a little let down. If you are one of these guys, do not worry, there are many applications that you can get for FM radio streaming on your Android device. Use these to make up for this discrepancy.

Radio Streaming Applications on Android

TuneIn Radio: A great application for Android that will aid you in getting access to World Radio. In this you will get talk shows, sports, music, comedy shows and news from every segment across the globe. You can also get more than 70000 live radio stations and almost 2 million shows, podcasts, and concerts that you can enjoy on your Android phone or device.

TuneIn Radio

SomaFM Radio Player: In this you can directly access almost 20 channels related to underground radio. These are supported by listeners and have no commercials. Look through the list of stations here and pick the ones you want based on the type of music you like or you could go with the most popular one or simply the ones that you like

SomaFM Radio Player
Pandora internet radio: You can get access to radio that is specifically compiled for you with plays, music and comedy based on the ones you like. You can seek out specific artists or songs or composers. You will get stations based on this preference.

Pandora internet radio
Slacker Radio: Enjoy the best entertainment and music from across the world. You can go for the free version or in case you wish to enjoy the fun of programs without the interruptions of advertisements then you could go for the subscription offer. This way you can even listen offline.

Spotify: This will allow you to enjoy as much music as you want for free for a couple of days after which you need to subscribe to obtain further access.

Radioplayer: This application will offer you all types of radio which is UK based. It also allows you to put what you like in preset mode

Stitcher: Enjoy comedy shows, sports, news and also talk shows right on the phone. You get access to the best of NPR, Freakonomics, CNN, Fox, Ted talks, BBC, Smodcast, Adam Corolla, Rush Limbaugh, Joe Rogan and above 15000 shows and also live radio with many options.

Pocket Casts: Provides a great way to hear podcasts

Last.fm: Get more information on the artists of your preference as well as notification on the events that occur near where you live. You can also use this to share your information with others.

XiiaLive- Internet Radio: Stream music and also scan through over 50000 radio stations that are transmitting live all over the world. It makes it simple to find the ones you like and organize them.

Digitally Imported Radio: Get to hear those channels on radio that are programmed by hand and feature known artists, Djs and also have great shows.


SoundHound: You can use this application to freely stream songs of the latest artists and also enjoy many of the superb features provided here.


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