20 Best Wedding Gowns From Movies

Wedding dresses are a topic that would pique the interest of any woman. Our movies have had many wedding scenes where the leading lady has dazzled in a beautiful wedding dress. In this article we will score them on how pretty they look and how they went with the character in the film. Most of these dresses are in white or in softer shades.

Best Wedding Gowns From Movies

At number 20:  The gown worn by Scarlett in the movie “Gone with the Wind” and designed by Walter Plunkett. A glimpse of this wedding dress briefly with a golden tone and details on skirt and sleeve was caught in the movie.

At number 19: Is the last gown worn by Maggie Carpenter in the movie “Runaway bride” and designed by Amsale. This gown is really charming with an off shoulder neckline and a A line cut along with elegant beading.

At number 18: The gown worn by Jennifer Grogan in the movie “Marley and me” and designed by Coral Gables. It is a gown that is meant to be for beach wedding but is worn with snow in the background. The lace, ruffles, the shawl worn with it along with the layered neckline make it a hit.

At number 17: Is the lovely light green gown with gold elements worn by Isolde in the movie “Tristan and Isolde” and designed by Maurizio Millenotti.

At number 16: Is the elegant and simple gown worn by Bella Swan in the movie “Twilight Saga; Breaking Dawn” and designed by Carolina Herra.

At number 15: Is the Princess variety wedding outfit worn by Emma in the movie “Bride Wars” and designed by Vera Wang.

At number 14: Is the golden toned and embellished wedding dress worn by Georgiana in the movie “The Duchess” and designed by Michael O’Connor.

At number 13: Is the golden gown with lace details, prominent collar and superb sleeves, worn by Viola in the movie “Shakespeare in Love” and designed by Sandy Powell.

At number 12: Is the beautiful yet demure gown worn by Katherine Banks in the movie “Father of the bride 1950” and designed by Edith Head.

At number 11: Is the charming gown from 19th century with empire waist, matching bonnet and 3 quarter sleeves worn by Marianne Dashwood in the movie  “ Sense and Sensibility. This gown was designed by Jenny Beaven.

At number 10 : Was the elegant gown in art deco style with a streamline cowl neckline and narrow silhouette  worn by Manon in the movie “Manon de Sources”. It was designed by Sylvie Gautrelet.

At number 9 : Is the elegant and prim gown designed by Gary Jones and worn by Princess Mia in the movie “The Princess Diaries 2”.

At number 8: Is the beautiful gown cut on the bias with floral details and flutter sleeves designed by Robert Goosson and worn by Ellie in the movie “It happened one night”.

At number 7: Was the gown designed by Manon Rasmussen with a gathered tier, strapless and a flower bolero. Worn by Justine in the movie “Melancholia”

At number 6 : Is the extremely princess gown worn by Giselle in the movie “Enchanted” and designed by Mona May.

At number 5 : Was the off shoulder, short sleeved gown with asymmetrical gown worn by Christian Daae in the movie “The Phantom of the Opera” and designed by Alexandra Brynne

At number 4: Is the gown worn by Sophie in the movie “Mamma Mia” designed by Ann Roth. This gown is really feminine and soft.

At number 3 : The blue gown worn by Princess Buttercup in the movie “The Princess Bride” and designed by Phyllis Dalton.

At number 2: Is the Edwardian era inspired gown worn by Padme Amidala in the movie “Star wars Episode II” and designed by Trisha Biggar.

At number 1: Is the soft ruffled gown, which is also dramatic, worn by Fleur Delacour in the movie “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1”. This was designed by Jany Temine.


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