30 of the Most Amazing Car and Motorcycle Tattoo Designs

A love of cars and motorcycles and all things automotive often comes hand in hand with a love of tattoos, so choosing a car tattoo design or a motorcycle tattoo design is a great way for petrol heads to show their love of their machines. Whether you’re thinking of getting your own car or motorcycle tattooed on you, a unique car or motorcycle, or a car or motorcycle from the movies, here are a selection of the coolest car and motorcycle tattoos around.

Hot Rod Car Tattoo Designs

A ‘hot rod’ is typically a car that has had its engine modified to be super powerful, and having a hot rod car tattoo design would be great for those who love speed. As hot rods were common between the 1930s and 1950s, it’s also a perfect choice for a tattoo if you like all things old school. Choosing a great American classic car such as an old Ford and having the design showing off the engine externally would make a great hot rod car tattoo design.

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Famous Car Tattoo Designs

Think of all the famous cars from books and movies and you’re bound to have a favorite amongst them. If you identify yourself with heroes then why not go for the Batmobile, KITT from Knight Rider of the Ectomobile from Ghostbusters. For a more futuristic car tattoo design the DeLorean from Back to the Future would be a fantastic choice, or if you prefer older cars then why not go for Herbie, or even Chitty Chitty Bang Bang?

Futuristic Car Tattoo Designs

If you’re a fan of cars and technology, at some point you’ve probably dreamed about a car of the future that uses technology not currently invented. Well, with your very own futuristic car tattoo design you can incorporate things that aren’t even possible!

Personal Car and Motorcycle Tattoo Designs

If your car or your motorcycle is your ‘baby’, then why not memorialize it forever by having it tattooed onto your body? Similar to portrait tattoos that people have of their loved ones, your tattoo artist can copy a photo of your vehicle in the form of a tattoo so that whatever happens to it in the future you’ll always have a permanent reminder. Another option for a personalized car or motorcycle tattoo design is to have your dream car or bike with your name across it.

outline-small-car-tattoo-on-hip demon-in-car-tattoo-on-right-half-sleeve hotrod-car-tattoo-on-forearm hot-rod-girl-tattoo man-with-colored-ink-car-tattoo motorcycle_pin_up_girl_tattoo__by_xorn01-d5cju0r motorcycle-tattoo1 Motorcycle-Tattoo-14 Motorcycle-Tattoo-35 Motorcycle-Tattoo-39 new-byker-tattoo outline-car-tattoo-on-girl-hip

Racing Motorcycle Tattoo Designs

If you’re a fan of motorcycle racing then an action scene of a motorcycle and rider out on the track would look great and show your love of the sport at the same time. Whether the bike is racing along the straight, leaning going round a corner or even doing a wheelie, a tattoo of a racing motorcycle will look really cool on motorsports fans.

Harley Davidson Motorcycle Tattoo Designs

If you’re more of a road hog than a race bike fan, then a Harley Davidson tattoo design would be a fantastic choice for your motorcycle tattoo. You could go for just the bike on its own, or have a rider on it, just make sure that your tattoo artist knows the distinctive design and logo to make it just perfect.

Tribal Car and Motorcycle Tattoo Designs

It may seem an unusual choice, but tribal tattoo styles work amazingly even with mechanical images such as cars and motorcycles. Tribal tattoos are typically done in black ink only, and have a distinct style of lines, curves and detailed patterns, that would work perfectly in the shape of a car or a motorcycle. In fact, using tribal lines coming out of the back of the car or motorcycle to indicate speed and movement would make it absolutely stunning.

racing-car-colored-ink-tattoo-on-arm t1_-Motorcycle-Racing-tattoo terminator_tattoo_yomico_moreno_1 url pinup-girl-and-car-tattoo-on-left-side-rib racer tattoo

Sexy Car and Motorcycle Tattoo Designs

You may already think your car or motorcycle tattoo design is sexy enough on its own, but if you think it needs something else added then why not add a pin up girl? Whether she’s washing the vehicle, riding/driving it or dressed as a pit girl complete with flags, you can really make your sexy car or motorcycle tattoo design your own.

Car and Motorcycle Logo Tattoo Designs

If you want your car or motorcycle tattoo design to pledge allegiance to your favorite brand, then why not consider having the company’s logo included in your tattoo design? Whether it’s the famous Bentley wings, BMW logo or Corvette flags for cars, or the Harley Davidson, Yamaha or Aprilia logo for motorcycles, you can play with the size and color to make them fit your perfect tattoo design.