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40 Fictional Topographic Tattoo Inspirations

40 Fictional Topographic Tattoo Inspirations

The world of tattoos have evolved from the very primitive form that it used to be in to the current form with the help of technology. Not only have the methods, the colors, and the techniques for tattooing changed and evolved by leaps and bounds but also the tattoo designs themselves. That is why it

40 Beautiful First Tattoo Ideas For You

Your first tattoo can be akin to any beautiful experience that you have for the very first time. It is not unusual to feel nervous but filled with anticipation at the same time. The first thing you need to know about tattoos is that all the thinking about whether to get it or not or

40 Smart Map Tattoo Design And Ideas

When it comes to tattoo ideas the range is from the simple, smart to the immensely macabre with everything in between thrown in. that is why, it should not come as any surprise you to know that there are smart map tattoo design and ideas out there that you can get inked on your skin.

40 Amazing Leaf Tattoo Design Ideas

When it comes to tattoos, it would not be absolutely wrong to say that sky is not the limit and if anything the availability of too many choices could present more of a problem than lack of them. If you are seeking to get a worthy tattoo that says something about your inner likes, dislikes

40 Cool Arrow Tattoo Designs

The world though big and much evolved keeps becoming smaller and keeps revisiting the past making it seem eternal. How else would you explain something as ancient and powerful as an arrow still finding a place in today’s world and also in the form of a tattoo? That is the beauty of our world today

40 Simple And Stunning Triangle Tattoo Designs

What can you say about the world of tattoos? They are limitless? They are fascinating? They are both secretive and open? They are imaginative yet anchored in reality? They are lovely expressions of feelings? Actually all the above apply to tattoos as they are all this and much more. That is why when we talk

40 Quotes to Make You Feel Alive

How can a quote make you feel alive? Believe us when the time comes for you to feel like that and when you hear the right quote, things will click and fall into place. That is because words have a lot of power; more power than we ever do realize and that is why we

40 Insanely Cool Tattoo Placement Ideas

Are you spending a lot of time considering the idea of getting a tattoo? We are sure there are many people out there who want to have a tattoo but lack the gumption to go and get one. There are many doubts that come to mind, some of which include whether it is painful or

40 Amazingly Designed Marquesan Tattoo Patterns

We wander into the world of tattoos with the feeling that whatever we feel, our beliefs, our angst, our inner confusion and what we hold close to our hearts, should reflect in the tattoo design that you get. However, just because we are seeking something of symbolic value does not mean that we ignore the