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Want To Know About The Most Beautiful Flowers In The World? Read On!

Want To Know About The Most Beautiful Flowers In The World? Read On!

Each of us have our own take on what makes flowers so appealing. Some believe it is the fragrance of the flower that makes it so alluring while others believe that it is the beauty of the flower that makes it so irresistible. While we all have different favorites and preferences when it comes to

6 Mysteries of the World That Will Keep You Awake at Night

We live in a mysterious world. Wherever we look for answers, it never fails that there will only be more questions to ask. For some people, this is a blessing – they think it is exciting to explore the universe and discover new worlds and have interesting experiences. Other people, however, are more reluctant to

32 Hilarious Senior Quotes That You Won’t Believe Got Published!

As Rita Repulsa from the show “Power Rangers” might say, “Teenagers!” These 32 high school seniors show off their courage, defying public decorum and writing exactly what they want. It is their own personal senior quote, and they can write whatever they want, even if it might make leave you asking, “Um… Excuse me?” #1.

20 Of The Most Funny WiFi Connection Names

If you’re anything like most people, you probably haven’t put much thought into naming your WiFi connection. You have bigger, more important things to deal with, right? Believe it or not, the process of naming your WiFi connection could actually be a uniquely creative endeavor, a public outlet for your innovative mind. Don’t settle for

Lavish & Luxurious: 10 of the Biggest Houses in the World

If you’re anything like most people, having the financial means to purchase your first home elicits feelings of pride, satisfaction, and stability. After all, it takes years of hard work and a frugal lifestyle to accrue the funds necessary to acquire the keys to your very own pad. We hate to burst your bubble, but

25 Funniest Movie Quotes That Will Have You Spitting Up Popcorn

There’s just something about the perfect movie experience that elicits emotion from even the most stoic of human beings. While there are countless films out there that will bring you to tears over the drama of the human condition, there are just as many that will wrap you up into a fit of uncontrollable laughter.

25 Most Funny Questions To Appear On Yahoo Answers

Everyone knows that Yahoo Answers is a great forum to post a question you may be too embarrassed to ask someone you know in real life. For example, you may want to ask an anonymous pool of individuals if a certain style you are thinking of wearing is highly outdated, or perhaps you just want

25 New Instagram Status Updates For You

The online world is where we live literally and this means you have to have snappy and smart things to say or you will be virtually ignored. But when you are on a site like Instagram or for that matter any other site, a smart comeback or snappy update may not be easy to come