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Eight Weird News We Have Seen So Far In 2013

Eight Weird News We Have Seen So Far In 2013

News from around the world is something that is available to us, thanks to the number of television channels available today.  But when we talk of news we generally refer to the political, economical, natural and sports related subjects. We may also come across the occasional human interest story among other subjects but did you

20 Things You didn’t Know About Halloween!

Halloween is one of the biggest holidays celebrated in the western world. It normally falls on the 31st of October as per the western calendar. The name of this festival has been derived from the “All Hallows’ Eve” which is the time for thinking about and paying respect to the dead ancestors, saints and the

Top 10 Most Expensive Cars In The World

When it  comes to cars there is no doubt that some of the costliest ones are in the list of dream wheels that we want to own. We may not always be in a position to afford them but we can at least get to know which are the costliest and the best from across

30 Inspiring Star Wars The Old Republic Wallpaper!

If you have watched sitcoms like “The big Bang Theory” you would have come up with several references to the Star Wars. These are essentially online games involving multiple players taking on many roles. In fact describing Star Wars the Old Republic as a mere game to a Star wars aficionado will probably angry them.

18 Interesting Facts about Machu Picchu

The name Machu Picchu is enough to make you curious about it. It is an extraordinary place in Peru and is one of the wonders of the world with many mysteries attached to it. It is at a height of 10,000 feet on top of an Andean Mountain. It has many structures that have been

20 Best Wedding Gowns From Movies

Wedding dresses are a topic that would pique the interest of any woman. Our movies have had many wedding scenes where the leading lady has dazzled in a beautiful wedding dress. In this article we will score them on how pretty they look and how they went with the character in the film. Most of

Top 10 Movies of 2013 So Far

When it comes to films, you need to look at the calendar differently. It is essentially split into two – the one prior to fall and one after fall. So you can expect the mid levels till May along with a few nominal blockbusters. Summer tends to bring out the big sequels and some well

10 Easy World Records to Break

Everybody wants to set new records or break the older ones. This is a sure shot way of getting a name. The number of entries to The Guinness Book of World Records is a testament to this. People are striving at every level at many activities to try and set a new record. Here is