40 Cute Merry Christmas Wallpapers to Download For Free

While Christmas has been described as the season for giving, sharing and spreading happiness, there are elements of Christmas that remain really cute. We know that describing Christmas as cute seems to be the wrong thing to do, but the fact is that Christmas does lend itself to cuteness. Let us face it- the festive season brings out “Aaw it is so cute” element to a large extent. The Christmas tree is cute, the traditions are cute, Santa Claus is the epitome of cuteness and the elves are really cute. Let us not forget the sleigh and the reindeer, they too are cute. The overall cuteness that Christmas brings needs to be part of our lives to ensure that the joy of this season remains in our heart.

Here are some cute Christmas wallpapers that you will make you smile:

  1. A cat in a Santa Claus costume
  2. Santa giving his naughty and kind smile
  3. Santa looking out with glasses perched low on his nose
  4. Teddy bears wearing the Santa Claus cap
  5. A group of babies in a Santa costume
  6. Santa taking a nap after his travels
  7. Santa and Mrs. Santa resting by the fire while being served by elves
  8. Santa hugging a child and giving a gift
  9. A snowman Santa in full regalia
  10. A cute baby dressed in Santa outfit
  11. Santa getting angry with reindeer and elves
  12. Santa looking forgetful and scratching his head
  13. Cute gingerbread cookie Santa
  14. Penguin Santa exchanging gifts
  15. Plump cherubs surrounding Santa
  16. A bunch of Santa dancing in a circle
  17. Santa lugging gifts with a smile on his face
  18. Santa doll with a cute expression
  19. Santa in Disney world
  20. Santa resting by the fireplace on a cold night

Cute Merry Christmas Wallpapers to Download For Free


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