DIY Bead Chandelier Idea for Home Decoration

Is there any human being those who don’t want to decorate home in an attractive way? It is really hard to find such type of people in this world. May be it is a small apartment or a big house, we always look forward to keep it decorated so that the indoors look really nice. But while you are planning for decoration, you will obviously need various trendy ideas. So this time, you will be going to make a complete different project. Yes just go through this chandelier making tutorial and see how easy it will become for you to make a chandelier with your own hand.
Before you start making the project, here is a list of items that you will need to make the complete project. So if you get an idea about it, it will very easy for you to arrange the items before you start making the project step by step.

DIY Bead Chandelier Idea for Home Decoration:


Mardi Gras Beads, Hanging Planter Basket, Wire Cutters, Floral Wire, Spray Paint and Wire Hanger.


1. Try to buy the beads color exactly as you wanted. Actually, sometimes it may be impossible to get the color you want and in such case you will have to spray paint the beads to change the color. But if you get the color you really wanted, then you will not need to spray paint it again. Here you can save some more money

2. Try to separate the beads according to the colors and break it from the end to make a long single strand. To make your work easier, break the necklaces from the end point because that is the only point where the joint is weak. Finding the end point is not a big deal. Once you get the necklace you will be able to find it. Now after it is done, let’s move on to the next step.

DIY Bead Chandelier Idea for Home Decoration (2)

3. Set all the beads in a separate place which you will have to change the colors. You can see in the image below how it is colored by the author. The best way is to take a newspaper and put all the beads above it. Now spray paint it to convert into different colors. Normally you will need to paint 4-5 coats to bring the perfect color. For that approximately you will need about two cans of paint. Remember after each and every coat, shuffle
them and keep applying coats until and unless they are evenly painted. This part of the project is very important.

DIY Bead Chandelier Idea for Home Decoration (3)

4. Now it’s time to do something different after the painting procedure is over. Take your Hanging Planter basket and make it ready for the project. Normally you may have to disassemble the basket and add a ring at the top so that you can hang the beads from it.

DIY Bead Chandelier Idea for Home Decoration (4)

5. Don’t think about making the ring, here’s a good idea for you. See the list above and you will find a wire hanger mentioned there. You will have to use a wire hanger to make out a ring from it. It’s quiet tough to make a complete circle but if you try you can make out an average ring from it. The structure will fully depend on the shape of the basket you are using.

DIY Bead Chandelier Idea for Home Decoration (5)

6. Now comes the funniest part as it is the time to hang the beads from the top ring. Start attaching each strand with floral wire. This is the first step from where you can get the idea of the detailed project and how it is going to look like. Even you will get excited to see the basic structure of your DIY project.

DIY Bead Chandelier Idea for Home Decoration (6)

7. Now once your beads cover the top ring completely, start wiring it to the bottom in a very systematic manner that means a regular measurement between every bead. The wiring procedure is one of the toughest parts of this project. So keep it in mind that you will have to do it very consciously. So after wiring the complete chandelier, proceed to the next and final step.

8. Alas! The project is completely made and now you have to decide finally where you want to hang such a beautiful project made by you. Maybe it’s a drawing room or a dining room wherever you want it to be, hang it on the perfect place where it will look nice and do it with a lot of care.

DIY Bead Chandelier Idea for Home Decoration (1)

The whole project will hardly take a day or two and we think that we can make it very easily with just a bit of attempt. It will hardly cost you a lot of money and most of the things you will find at home. If you compare this with a price of a chandelier you will feel the importance of making a DIY project. Also we want to give a lot of thanks to the original author of this tutorial which we got in this link. So in the next visit look out for something new in the blog.

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