20 Exceptional Small Living Room Design Ideas

Home design can be a difficult process. Space limitations can be extremely difficult when trying to design the living room of your dreams. However, don’t fret! We’ve developed this extensive list of small living room ideas in order to help you find the best design for your small living space.

Clashing Patterns


Use patterns and designs as design scheme for your small living room. The best way to do clashing patterns is by choosing multiple patterns that have similar colors in common. For example you could design a small living room using a black and white striped carpet, accompanied with a couch or other item of furniture that also has a black and white pattern. Clashing patterns can quickly turn extreme. So you must be careful to make sure that neutral colors such as white, black, ivory or tan are also integrated throughout the small living room design. These soft, calm colors will downplay the pattern clashing that could occur.

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Day Cottage


Embrace your small living room space by going for a day cottage theme. Day cottages are typically small living spaces found in the woods and other rural areas. Thus, day cottage inhabitants definitely know how to maximize minimal space. Key features for any good day cottage theme include antique and older art and furniture. You will also want fresh flowers and other floral and outdoor representations in order to convey the outdoorsy yet classy vibe of day cottages. Also remember to keep the paint walls a simple neutral color in order to encourage natural sunlight.

White Squared


This particular small living room design expresses the belief that you can never have too much white. The white squared living room design incorporates a variety of shades of white into a very airy, light and natural color palette. Some of the typical shades of white that should be used for the white squared home living room design includes bone white, baby powder, ivory, cornsilk, cream, floral white, ghost white, honeydew, pearl, white smoke and snow. These colors should be used in varying degrees for your small living room’s furniture, walls and carpets. If this white is too much to handle you should throw in a splash of colors through flowers or art.


East Coast Prep


This small living room design provides a preppy style palette for those looking for a traditional, but whimsical bedroom design. The preppy style revolves around crisp whites, bright colors, classic patterns and monogrammed furniture and products. The key to creating the perfect east coast prep small living room design is by picking the perfect pattern. Awesome east coast prep designs include paisley, seersucker, damask scrook and other brightly covered prints using repetitive designs. You can use such preppy designs as wall paper for your living room. Or they can be used for a piece of furniture or rug. Throw in a monogrammed throw pillow for the ultimate east coast prep design.

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Black Out


Black color schemes aren’t for everyone. However, for the jazzy, ultra modern homeowner, the black out small living room design may be perfect for you. To prevent the black color scheme from overwhelming the living room space, you have to be careful about how you pick home living room products. Painting all of the walls in black would not be a good idea. Instead you can go with a cool neutral white or cream for the walls. You could even just paint the wall the tv is placed on black, and keep the other three wall colors neutral. From there black should be used for the living room furniture and carpet. If you feel as if the black is too evasive you can integrate other white colored furniture and objects into the small living room design.


Flower Power


Flower designs aren’t just for girls anymore. These days the diversity in flower designs contained in art, furniture and wallpaper make flower power the perfect design theme for your small living room. The flower power design will provide warmth into your home and a touch of class and elegance. You can approach the flower power small living room design in two different ways. You can either go for bright Georgia O’Keefe inspired paintings, along with bright walls and furniture for a hot house vibe. Or you can go for a more classic Victorian themed flower power design. This involves a lot of pale pinks, yellows, blues and greens, and depictions of delicate flowers such as lilies and marigolds.

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1970’s Inspired

Are you nostalgic for the 1970s and the decade of free love, flower power and disco? Well this ’70s inspired small living room design could be perfect for you. This small living room design can take a literal approach to the ’70s. You could have shag rugs, lava lamps and a record player to further the design. However, in order to provide a modern take on the 1970s design you should purchase this 1970s themed furniture in neutral modern colors instead of the psychedelic colors of the 1970s. A great way to draw on the 1970s design is to have framed posters hof famed 1970s superstars on the wall in order to take your visitors back to the past.

Game Living Room



Do you have a small living room, but still want to have a living room space you can use to entertain guests and play games? Lucky for you the game living room design is perfect for your needs. The living room design revolves around making a small space easy to use for game activities. The color scheme of this design doesn’t matter as much as the extra features you should include in the small living room design. Some ideas include purchasing chalk paint and then painting a small wall in the room with the chalk paint. A chalk wall can be used to keep score for games being played, as well as for hangman and other chalk board games. Next you will want the perfect coffee table and chairs. A large square coffee table with a storage space can be used to hold games, and as a place where you can gather around to play board games with your besties.

Hopefully, this list of 8 exceptional small living room home designs has given you the inspiration you need. Now get out there and design the new home living room of your dreams.


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