28 Fabulous Leg tattoos

Leg tattoos are the latest craze to have taken the tattoo lovers by storm. The trend is catching up especially due to women and girls who feel that a fabulous leg tattoo with a beautiful design can make them look attractive. A tattoo is a reflection of one’s attitude and choice. People usually go for bigger tattoos on their leg, so that it covers a large area on the leg. Smaller tattoos are also done on leg sometimes like a cute bow or flower, which adds to the beauty. Here is a compilation of 10 fabulous leg tattoos that you cannot afford to miss:

pink-flamingo-leg-tattoo amazing leg tattoos beautiful leg tattoos bird-butterfly-tattoos-thigh-artwork Black-Koi-fish-tattoo blooming-flower-tatoo-calf colorful-feather-tattoos-on-leg color-tattoo-on-leg featured-tattoos-legs-thighs-calves-620x400 fish leg tattoos full Leg tattoos Leg tattoos leg leg-tattoo 4 Leg-Tattoo-Designs Leg-Tattoo-Designs-for-Women mini-grim-reaper-Leg tattoos Music-tattoo-with-birds-leg-tattoo

  • Bow leg tattoo: This cute bow leg tattoo looks extremely creative and attractive. The perfectly drawn design looks very realistic and almost looks like a real bow at first glance. A huge hit among girls and women who want to display their cute quotient by doing something creative.
  • Symbolic leg tattoo: More often than not, women like to flaunt leg tattoos which represent something symbolically. In this case, there is an evil face in the front almost hidden at first look, but implies that there is some dark secret hiding behind. It accentuates the mysterious nature of the person and gives a sexy look too.

flower-Tattoo-Designs Leg-Tattoo-Designs-for-Women Sexy-Leg-Tattoo-Designs-for-Women

wow leg tattoos pumpkin-halloween-foot-tattoo rose and butterfly leg tattoo shin-daggers-thigh-legs-tattoos ship-lighthouse-thigh-legs-tattoos skull-and-rose-leg-tattoo white-and-lace-tattoo-on-leg wolf-hood-girl-calf-tattoo woman-in-leaves-leg-tattoo

  • Anime tattoo: Anime tattoos are mostly cartoon or animated characters that are tattooed on the leg. It is great for teenagers and people with a childlike innocence. It personifies their playfulness and looks attractive at the same time as well. They may look crazy to some people but are sure to captivate your attention.


  • Bomb tattoo: Are you slightly on the rebellious side? Well, then this tattoo is so you. It presents an interesting image of bombs being dropped. May be you can use it as a warning for others to not mess around with you. This one is a sure shot show stealer.
  • Mystical Unicorn leg tattoo: This leg tattoo is extremely creative, well designed and beautifully depicted, that you cannot help but stop to admire it. The colors are vivid and almost look magical. Unicorn being a mythological character is represented in a flamboyant way and when you flaunt this picture perfect leg tattoo, you are sure to be the cynosure of all eyes!



  • Contrast leg tattoos: This one is definitely a winner and is currently a big craze in the tattoo world. These contrast leg tattoos, gives you the benefit of flaunting a full length tattoo with details on one leg, and leaving the other leg blank to keep the natural look. This way, you can get the best of both worlds. Howzzat!
  • Halloween leg tattoo: This highly creative dagger shaped leg tattoo stands out in its creepiness factor. Creative and scary at the same time, this leg tattoo is perfect to bring out the hidden villain in you and surprise others. Not just the scary feel, it is so well drawn, that it displays the reflection of a villainous face on a shiny dagger! What more do you want?
  • Comic inspired leg tattoo: This leg tattoo is inspired from comics and true to its nature it stands out for its vibrant hues. The super rich color combinations make it look dramatic and are a feast to the eyes. The detailing is immaculate as if it is a canvas and the end effect is amazing.


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