20 Fantastic Bird Tattoo Designs

If you’re considering getting a bird tattoo for your next piece of ink, the possibilities are limitless. Whether you’re looking for a colorful and cheerful design or a dark and brooding image, the range of different birds that look great as a tattoo is immense. From tiny simple tattoos to huge intricate designs, a bird tattoo will look great on both men and women, and here are 45 of the best designs to prove it.

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Swallow Tattoo Designs

Swallows are a classic old school tattoo design, and became popular among sailors when they bought the wonder of tattooing back with them from their travels overseas. A single swallow looks fantastic on its own or with another old school image, such as a banner, anchor or nautical star, and a pair of swallows make the perfect design for feet, or on either side of the chest.

Owl Tattoo Designs

Owls are a popular choice for a bird tattoo design, and represent wisdom and clarity of mind. With their unusual looks and big eyes, a tattoo of an owl sitting on a branch would make a perfect half-sleeve tattoo, and if you’re looking for something even more visually stunning then why not consider an owl at flight on your back with its wings spread out over your shoulder blades?

Hummingbird Tattoo Designs

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A hummingbird is a beautiful and colorful bird, and its graceful body and long bill make a gorgeous tattoo design. A fantastic design for hummingbird tattoos would include an open flower, with the hummingbird hovering and drinking its nectar. This style of tattoo would mean you get a vibrant burst of color, and would look brilliant on your shoulder, torso or thigh.

Peacock Tattoo Designs

If you’re thinking about having a tattoo of a peacock, be prepared for lots of hours sitting in the tattoo chair! Peacocks are majestic creatures, and you really need a large tattoo in order to fully appreciate their sweeping tail feathers and jeweled colors. A peacock would be the ideal choice for a tattoo that runs down the length of your body, but if you’re looking for a smaller tattoo then a single peacock feather would work well placed anywhere on your body.

Phoenix Tattoo Designs

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Another idea for a bird tattoo design that’s not for the faint-hearted is the mythical phoenix. Symbolizing rebirth and rising from the ashes, a phoenix tattoo is perfect for those wanting to celebrate overcoming life’s obstacles. A phoenix would make an outstanding back tattoo, and the dazzling reds, oranges and yellows used in the design would make it a real show-stopper. If you have the time, patience and money for a huge tattoo, a phoenix would also look excellent starting on your shoulder, going down the side of your body and finishing on your leg.

Crow Tattoo Designs

If your preferences run to darker, more atmospheric tattoo designs, then a crow could be the right choice for your tattoo. A silhouette of a crow tattooed completely in black ink is a really striking image, and if you want more detail in your design then a distinctive black and gray design, full of shadows and atmosphere would look fabulous.

Japanese Bird Tattoo Designs

Bird tattoo designs done in a Japanese style are typically full of color and elements of nature, and make a wonderful larger piece. You can include many other Japanese images in your tattoo, such as waves, clouds, cherry blossoms or koi carp, and as long as your tattoo artist uses bright and bold colors, you’ll be the proud owner of an amazing and unusual bird tattoo design.


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