Find Out Which Are The Best Holiday Destinations In The USA

Traveling is a great activity when it comes to exploring the world and all that it has to offer. Traveling has often been likened to being served a piece of culture that offers you a snapshot of the weather, the food, the culture and landmarks of the place that you are visiting. It is only during your traveling expeditions that you will get to see lavish & luxurious – 10 of the biggest houses in the world or the 6 mysteries of the world that will keep you awake at night.

You may have heard about the 15 strange facts that will change the way you see the world, but don’t you think experiencing at least some of them is a better idea? That is why we bring you some of the best holiday destinations in the USA:

new york city

New York City: Not only does this place have sights like the Empire state building, the Statue of Liberty, the Times Square and the many museums of note, it also has an allure that has to be felt to know it.

los angeles

Los Angeles: The world of stars, the mellow breeze from the Pacific Ocean, the many beaches, the shopping and the luxurious surroundings in Beverly Hills – these are just some of the attractions of this place.


Chicago: This city is often competing with New York City for attention and has much to offer in terms the buildings, restaurants, museums and other things to do. You have to go here to find out more.

washington dc

Washington DC: Besides being the capital of USA, this place has so many places to visit like monuments, museums and you definitely cannot miss a tour of the White House when you are here.

Crazy Streets of Las Vegas

Las Vegas: The word itself brings to mind the many casinos, the duplicates of many world attractions, the shows, the showgirls, the all-night attractions among other things. But you should also visit the many shopping places and restaurants that this place has to offer.

san francisco

San Francisco: A city that has huge ups and downs as you travel the roads, there is the never to be ignored Golden Gate Bridge, besides which you have many places to visit. This could be the Chinatown and other neighbourhoods alongside many destinations for nature lovers to explore around the place. Lest we forget, we would also like to mention the vineyards from Napa Valley and the Silicon Valley.

hawaii 2

Hawaii: Hula girls, luaus, island calm and peace are just some of the words that come to mind when we talk of Hawaii. There is also much of the local culture that you need to explore besides the beaches and the volcanoes that Hawaii has.

grand canyon

Grand Canyon: This wonder, which stretches over 200 miles, this natural wonder, is a deep ravine. The Grand Canyon has been etched by the Colorado River many years back. This is one of the most visited places in the state of Arizona and is something that comes to mind when one talks of places not to be missed while in USA.

disney world

Orlando: When we are talking of places to visit in USA, then we cannot help but mention Disneyworld, which is not only a favorite among children but also among grownups. Besides this, there are other attractions like the beaches, the nightlife and the Latino culture to explore.

new orleans

New Orleans: Who does not want a taste of all things French while still on American soil? We are sure that is not the only thing that has tourists coming to New Orleans but also other things like the distinct cuisine, the festivals and the colorful architecture of the place that has people vying to visit the place.

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