40 Food Tattoos That Look Good Enough to Eat

Food is one thing that we all have in common, whatever our sex, age or nationality, so it’s no wonder that it’s a popular choice for tattoo designs. People get food tattoos for different reasons; it may be that they love a particular food, work in a culinary profession or just think a certain food would make a cool tattoo. Check out some of these amazing, and sometimes crazy, ideas for food tattoo designs and you might just find the perfect idea for you. The only problem is that they might make you feel hungry!

Cupcake Tattoo Designs

Cupcakes make a cute tattoo design, especially for girls, and look great a bright, candy colors. A pile of colorful whipped icing and a cherry on top looks good enough to eat, and you can add other elements such as bows, butterflies, stars and ribbons to personalize your design. If you want to make a cupcake tattoo design a bit edgier, why not have a grinning skull on top of the cupcake instead of a cherry?

food tattoo cocktail beer tattoo Black and white corn tattoo Brandon B 3 campbells_soup Cute carrots tattoo food tattoo 5 food tattoo 67 food tattoo 78

Fast Food Tattoo Designs

For fast food lovers everywhere, a tattoo of a pizza, burger, fries or hotdog can look really awesome. A pizza slice can be customized to reflect your personal taste, whether that’s through the toppings you choose for your design, or whether you decide to add any other images to it. If you’re a devotee of a particular fast food chain, you could always have their logo tattooed on your body, and it will certainly be a talking point next time you pop into your local restaurant!

Fruit Tattoo Designs

For fruity tattoo designs, cherries are a classic choice, especially for fans of old school tattoo styles. A simple bright red pair of cherries is the ideal choice for a smaller tattoo, and would fit anywhere on your body. Combined with stars, cherries make a perfect old school tattoo, but you can include anything you want on your own design. Other fruits to consider are juicy strawberries, bright yellow bananas or a bunch of grapes, and an apple with a bite taken out of it would make a great ‘forbidden fruit’ themed tattoo.

food tattoos food tattoos 4 food tattoos food-tattoos-2 French fries tattoo funny food tattoo knuckles lol food tattoo Mini steak knuckle tattoo

Ice Cream Tattoo Designs

Whether you go for an ice cream sundae, an ice cream cone or just a bowl of delicious looking ice cream, an ice cream tattoo design gives you scope to have a number of bright and eye-catching colors in your tattoo. Add sprinkles, chocolate sauce and whatever else takes your fancy!

Chef Tattoo Designs

If you’re a chef who wants to express your dedication to your profession as well as your love of the craft, there are a number of great ideas for tattoos. Cooking utensils, a crazy looking chef or a chef’s hat are all brilliant ideas, and a popular choice is a skull wearing a chef’s hat. Whether or not you actually include any food in your chef tattoo design is up to you.

Vegetable Tattoo Designs

If you’re a vegetarian or vegan, or just like the look or taste of a certain vegetable, then maybe a vegetable tattoo design is the perfect choice for you. Some people go for a half-sleeve design of a bunch of brightly colored vegetables, which looks awesome and vibrant, but you could also go for just one single vegetable. Think of all the fantastic and bright vegetables out there, and you’re sure to find the perfect design for you.

Sushi Tattoo Designs

Sushi makes an interesting tattoo design, but usually only if you like raw fish! If sushi is your passion, a tattoo of different sushi along with other Japanese images such as cherry blossoms or Japanese style waves or clouds would look great as a larger design.

veggie food tattoo nice food tattoo pig tattoo Pizza tattoo Pop Tart tattoo Sushi tattoo vegantattoo

Butchers Tattoo Designs

Another profession that inspires tattoos is butchery, and a set of butcher’s knives or a butcher’s diagram will show the world what you do. It’s easy to find images of a butcher’s diagram for different animals such as pigs, sheep and cows, and having a tattoo designed around one will mean you have an original and cool design.

Other Food Tattoo Designs

These are just a number of the many variations of food tattoo designs you could choose from, but really the world is your oyster. So if you actually WANT a tattoo of an oyster plate, a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, some candy or even the Pilsbury Dough Boy, then start talking to your tattoo artist to come up with the perfect design.


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