10 Great Remedies to Treat Dry Skin around Eyes

Dry skin around eyes is a very common problem in human beings. Normally, there are various reasons behind the cause of such skin problem. Most of the common reasons are dermatological problems, using harsh chemicals, massive skin stress and climate change. If you are going through any such problems, you should immediately be very cautious about it. Whatever may be the problem you have to look for some remedies. There are several treatments for dry skin around eyes but you will have to choose the right treatment for you. You may have tried a lot of treatment procedures, but this time we suggest for trying something natural. Yeah! No need to be worried as natural therapies also work great for this problem. Side by side chemical treatments can be very costlier for you so choosing the natural therapies are great from all sides.

Great Remedies to Treat Dry Skin around Eyes:

Avoid Harsh Make-ups: If you do a lot of make-ups then completely stop it after spotting dry skin around your eyes. Harsh make-ups like eye liners, mascara etc. are very much dangerous for dry skins. We understand that doing make-ups become essential sometimes so in such case we always recommend to go for anti-allergic brands which are prescribed by the dermatologists and ophthalmologists.

10 Great Remedies to treat Dry Skin around Eyes 1

Natural Vitamin Supplements: It’s really good taking a lot of vitamin supplements. Vitamin E, Fish Oil, Omega 3 fatty acids all are really useful for treating dry skin around eyes. We all know that Vitamin E works great for any types of skin problems and are also great for keeping our skin healthy. Also you can try out applying fish oil externally on the dry skin portion.

10 Great Remedies to treat Dry Skin around Eyes 2

Avoid Sunburn: Keep yourself safe from typical sunburn. Sunburn is really a great cause of dry skin around eyes. You can avoid sunlight by not going to the direct sunlight between 10 am to 4pm and also the sun ray during this time is also very harmful for our skin. During the summer seasons, have a cold bath and apply aloevera all over your body. If you are going out in direct sunlight, apply good sunscreen in the portions that are not covered.

10 Great Remedies to treat Dry Skin around Eyes 3

Hydrate your Body: Drink plenty of water during the summer season. Actually you should keep your body hydrated all the time. Dehydration is a great reason for the cause of dry skin. Drinking good amount of water keeps your body and skin function both in a healthy condition.

Anti-oxidant Rich Foods: Eat a lot of fruits that are rich in Anti-oxidants. It gives some relief to the stressed skin and is an essential component to fight against dry skin around eyes. Green vegetables and fruits are examples of such foods. But remember to know about the food you are consuming.

10 Great Remedies to treat Dry Skin around Eyes 5

Try out some super foods: Here are some lists of foods that we are saying as super foods because of its nutritional values. Plain Yogurt, Eggs, Nuts, Kiwi and Quinoa are regarded as super foods by WebMD website because they are very much effective in treating dry skin and work magically. So you should obviously try eating these foods apart from maintain all the other points in this article.

10 Great Remedies to treat Dry Skin around Eyes 6

Treatment of Blepharitis: If you have seen a doctor and diagnosed with Blepharitis, then try to add ginger and turmeric in your food list. Blepharitis is a very worse skin condition. Try to apply Coconut oil, Tea tree oil and castor oil externally in a regular basis to get some relief.

10 Great Remedies to treat Dry Skin around Eyes 7

Treatment of Eczema: Once you are sure that you are suffering from Eczema, and then try to apply organic coconut oil in your skin. Bathing with pure sea water also works great and if possible, try to bath with Epsom Salt. Eat a lot of Probiotic foods like yogurt, butter milk, cottage cheese and Kimchi etc. Also consult with an experienced dermatologist for proper treatment.

10 Great Remedies to treat Dry Skin around Eyes 8

Avoidance in Perioral Dermatitis: Perioral Dermatitis is a very common disease in human beings. So if you are affected by that, avoid using scented soaps and facial cleanser. Wash your face with normal warm water after a regular interval of time three or four times a day and stop using sun screens, make-ups and face creams in this situation.

10 Great Remedies to treat Dry Skin around Eyes 9

External Remedies: Now we will tell about some external remedies that will give you a bit of relief externally. Use good amount of moisturizer gently around the eyes with light touch around the eyes. You can also make natural moisturizer at home as it is very easy to make. Mix honey, butter milk, avocado, egg yolk, olive oil and almond oil together to make a natural skin moisturizer which will hardly do any side effects on your skin.

10 Great Remedies to treat Dry Skin around Eyes 10

Now treating dry skin around your eyes has become easier for you and you can get results within just a few days. Keep your skin healthy and safe from all the harsh situations.

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