Five Hobbies that can make you Smarter

Hobbies were always thought to be our favorite pastime activity. But the perception has changed a lot. Now we can say that hobbies also play a crucial role in your personal development. Actually, each and every person has his or her own hobby and we need to give it an importance. We can have any hobbies according to your choice but the thing is that, is it playing any big role in your development? This is the only matter people should think nowadays. But researchers say that there are hobbies that will actually help you to grow smarter. Yes, we should know about it. So let us look into the activities that develop our mind as a whole in a very scientific way. Here is a list of five hobbies that can make you smarter.

Hobbies that can make you Smarter:

Exercising: Normally when we think of exercising, we think of our fitness and health. But exercising is not about only physical fitness. It also has a great impact in our mind. May be some of us try our exercising occasionally, but it is not going to work out. Regular exercise is much more effective than hard workouts and all. Now if you go a bit deep, you will come to know that regular habit of exercising creates BDNF in our cells, which is a protein that helps in memory development, increase focus, concentration and understanding. Science refers it as a mental acuity. Therefore, it is time to think about the matter.

5 Hobbies that can make you Smarter 1

Meditation: We all know that meditation is always effective for humans. But there is something amazing behind this practice. If we go back to the year 1992, Dalai Lama invited a scientist named Richard Davidson to study his brain waves during the meditation just to test out whether his brain creates any special waves during the practice. But the fact that came as conclusion is the brain of Dalai Lama and few other monks showed a complete different state of brain during their meditation period. Actually, it is always said that meditation makes a power by which we can control our brain and feel whatever we want to feel. So this is going to make to more confident as a whole. Meditation as a whole increases your hold on the brain and stimulates different parts of it.

5 Hobbies that can make you Smarter 2

Playing a Musical Instrument: This is already a very common hobby and playing music helps in increasing your creativity, math, analytical skills etc. Now there is an argument that sports also do the same impact on us. But typically considering the matter, the only fact that can be concluded is that playing music can do a very special thing that other activities cannot do at all. It strengthens the corpus callosum that is known to link the hemispheres of brain by creating connections. So regardless of how old you are, playing a musical instrument will increase your memory, problem solving ability and overall brain function.

5 Hobbies that can make you Smarter 3

Learning a New Language: If you think that solving puzzles is your smart hobby, then just leave it and start
learning a foreign language instead. Many similar research shows that people those who are bilingual can be much better in solving puzzles. If you can successfully learn various different languages, it will allow your brain to work better for any mentally demanding tasks. You will be getting a help in two very important part of your life that is problem solving and proper planning. So learning two or more languages and the ability to speak it fluently will always make you skilled. There is no other substitute of this hobby so consider it in such a way.

5 Hobbies that can make you Smarter 4

Reading: You may be thinking of what to read, but actually, you can read anything. The impact of reading fairy tales or harry potter is as same as reading a magazine or a non-fiction thriller. So the subject of reading doesn’t matters at all. Rather the thing that matters is that you are reading or not. First of all reading reduces a great stress and also increases the three types of intelligence crystallized, fluid and emotional. Overall, this will actually increase your potentiality in work field. You will better understand how to make things happen and also better up your managerial skills.

5 Hobbies that can make you Smarter 5

Hobbies are not only about fun but also it should have some good impact on your life. As we do it in our pastime, it should be something relaxing and also you should be enjoying it. Do not force yourself, as hobby cannot be changed forcefully. However, you should try out these hobbies to include in your lists only because to make you smarter.

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