How to make Braided Rugs with Old-T-Shirt

The more we see different DIY projects, the more we get attracted towards it. Actually making out DIY projects is like an addiction. At a time, it becomes like we think of making a creative product with each thing we see. Like if we see any unused or old product in our home, we try to give it some new form or make out new thing from it. But sometimes we need really some ideas. There are thousands of good and beautiful DIY tutorials in the internet but finding out the suitable one for us is really hard. Here you have come gain with a new idea about reusing your old t-shirts and make out attractive rugs that are too useful for us.

To go through this project, there are some requirements, and you will need all of them. Here is a list of the requirements you will need to make the rugs out of t-shirt.

How to make Braided Rugs with Old-T-Shirt:


Old t-shirt or fine cotton knits. (Actually the more t-shirt you will use the more bigger your rug will be).

A scissor

A peg

A sewing machine with all the necessary sewing supplies.

Non-slippery rug underlay.


At the start, you will have to cut your t-shirt into two halves as shown in the picture. Remember you don’t need
any exact measure to cut so you don’t need to measure while cutting. Now cut your t-shirt into 2 inch strips. If you are mixing various types of knits, then you should cut the thinner knits into wider strips. Now once the cutting process is over, roll out the full yarn into a ball. Make a single ball with single t-shirt. That means the number of t-shits you will be using, the number of balls you will be making from it.

How to Make Braided Rugs with Old T-Shirt (1)

Now work on the yarn similarly like you braid a plate of hair. It completely depends on you that you are going to
sew each braid or you will sew finally after completing the full braid. But if you are a beginner and doing this type of work for the first time then go along sewing as you are making the braid. Actually this braiding process takes some time and we will have spend some evening working with it. To change the color, you will have to think which process is easier for you, the sew option or the no-sew option. Do the thing which you are comfortable with.

Choosing the color is very essential as the more colorful your rug will be, the more it will look attractive. So try to choose bright colors as it will be very attractive. Some people don’t think about it because they want to make their project finally and colors don’t matter for them.

Now if you are facing problem while braiding, here is a tips for you. The best way to braid is holding between your knees and fasten the end with a peg. As you work on the braid, move the peg down to keep it nice and firm. For some people braiding will seem the most boring work in this project again for some people it is the most interesting part of the project. Actually braiding is very therapeutic.

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Now once you have completed making the final braid, once again make a ball out of it. This time your ball will be big enough and here’s how it will look like.

How to Make Braided Rugs with Old T-Shirt (3)

Now when you are sewing your rug, you should be very careful about the direction in which you are sewing the braid. To avoid various mistakes, follow the below images and how it is shown here.

How to Make Braided Rugs with Old T-Shirt (4)

On the left of the image, you are seeing that it is cross marked that mean going anti-clockwise is completely the wrong procedure. On the right of the image you are seeing it is clockwise and with a tick mark that means it is the right process. So you will have to go by that. Now slowly start sewing the braid and do it thinking about the length and size of your work. We suggest using the Zigzag stitch for making the stitch strong. Push together the edges of the braid and when you are at the end, loop the braid around tucking the start of the braid underneath. Continue the sewing around and around.

How to Make Braided Rugs with Old T-Shirt (5)

Here is how the actual stitching will look like. Just notice the stitch, it is completely zigzag. If you can maintain this you will able to avoid any type of mess.

How to Make Braided Rugs with Old T-Shirt (6)

Once you get the outline idea of handling the project you will not need much more time to make the full rug and you will be able to complete the rug within a short time.

How to Make Braided Rugs with Old T-Shirt (7)

Now once the full rug is stitched, sew the end of the braid by sewing it for times in different direction to make the end strong. After it is complete, now stick the non-slippery rug underneath so that it doesn’t slips on the floor. Now you are completely done with the project.

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Yes took a bit of your valuable time to be finished but did it cost you a lot of money? So just think out, without any expense you will be getting such a beautiful thing in your home.

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