How To Solve A Rubik Cube: Guide with Pictures

The objective of this article is to show you how we can efficiently solve the Rubik Cube. Specifically we will be looking at solving a Rubik’s cube that has 4x4x4 sides. Normally the way that is used to solve out the Rubik Cube is by using a formula that is called the 3x3x3 method.


The method for solving a  Rubik’s cube with 4x4x4 sides: The first thing even before we get started on the process is  that we ask you to be aware of the notation. You can find this at ‘How to solve a Rubik Cube’.

We have opted to go for a certain series in hues for the faces, but if you wish you can pick others that work better for you.

Faces and pieces:

  • Corner: This is the corner piece that has three sides in the physical sense. In the cube you will find a total of eight corners.
  • Edge: This is the physical edge that has two sides. You will see that there will be a total of 24 edges in the cube.
  • Centre: The center piece that is located centrally with only one side is the center. You will see that a cube will have 24 centers.
  • Face: It basically defines the side of a cube. You will see that there are 12 sides – 6 of them internal and 6 of them external.



Faces considered additional:

A Rubik’s cube having 4x4x4 will have internal faces and these will be named with a letter in the lower case

  1. The internal upper face is denoted with u.
  2. The internal down face is denoted with d.
  3. The internal left face is denoted with i.
  4. The internal right face is denoted with r.
  5. The internal front face is denoted with f.
  6. The internal back face is denoted with b.



The turns of the internal face: In the Rubik’s cube that has 4x4x4 sides, the internal faces will be able to turn. To do this, it needs to be done with the outer face.



Description of the algorithm that provides solution for  a 4x4x4 Rubik’s Cube

This algorithm is given out in 3 phases:

The 1st phase will be the solving of the centers. You will need to focus solving the 4 pieces on the center that is there on each face that the cube has.


The second phase will be the coupling of the edges. Nest you have to pair up the two dozen edges and that too into 12 double edged pairs(also called dedges) distinctly


The 3rd phase will be finishing of the cube. Once you have completed solving the centers and pairing of the edges,  you will be able to view the 4x4x4 Rubik’


When you have solved the Centres and Paired up the Edges, you should see your 4x4x4 Rubik Cube like a 3x3x3 Rubik Cube.

Then you can complete the cube in a way that is similar to 3x3x3.

The scheme for colors  : As the 4x4x4 cube is cube of evens, it will not have center piece that is fixed to use as a reference point. Since there is fast way to make out which hue goes with the other, you will be better off having memorized a color scheme


  • The Standard scheme of colors
  • White opposite yellow
  • Green opposite blue
  • Orange opposite red


In case your cube is mixed and there is no scheme of fixed colors then the simple way is available to make out the scheme. Just resolve the corners of the cube. This will give you the color scheme and you may note it down. These basics will get you started.

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