How to take an Attractive Selfie

It is a generation of social networking and probably the most popular word in social networking arena is Selfie. If you are reading this article, then you also know the meaning of this word. So if you are much addicted to social networking, you obviously know the advantage of a perfect selfie. There is no confusion that people around the world is on a selfie fever and there is no other way to gather likes than a posting an attractive selfie. But do you know the ways of making your selfie more attractive? Here are some useful tips to make your selfie more attractive.

How to take an Attractive Selfie:

Light is Important: if you know the basics of photography, you obviously know the importance of light. Light is the main factor of a good photography. Selfie is also a photograph and so here also lighting is a great factor. Remember to keep the light source in front of you and not behind you, otherwise the picture will be dark. So be in a good lit area to make your snap attractive.

How to take an Attractive Selfie 1

Artificial Lighting: It may be possible that when you are taking a selfie snap you are not in a place with good lighting. Natural lights are not available all the time, so in such situation, you will have to arrange for artificial lighting source. The artificial lighting is also a great factor and it should be done in such a way so that the snap comes bright and beautiful. Some people use light enhancing highlighter for that purpose.

How to take an Attractive Selfie 2

Aim in an Angle: The basic grammar of selfie says that it should be always taken in an angle. So you will have to choose the right angle to take a good selfie. It’s better to take a selfie from above and not from downwards direction. The camera should be angled from upward and you should be in a downwards direction from the camera. Just take a photograph in this direction and you will get the fact.

How to take an Attractive Selfie 3

Side is Essential: Want to know about a hidden theory of selfie? Here it is. Everyone of us have a favorite side and either it is left or right. So when you will be taking a selfie, your head should be tilted in a side either it is left or right. But the head slide should not be too much, just slightly tilt your head in one direction.

How to take an Attractive Selfie 4

Pose should be Perfect: Do you have a signature pose? If not, then you should have it. Each and everyone have their own style of facing the camera. Some people show kiss while taking a snap again some show different other facial expressions. Sometimes even a smile does all the things. So it completely depends on you how will face the camera.

How to take an Attractive Selfie 5

Don’t be Serious: Sefies are not about showing your seriousness. Take the whole process with lots of fun. So it’s a better to idea to make various types of funny facial expressions and show people that you are having fun with the whole process. Make different types of facial expressions, every time you click a snap.

How to take an Attractive Selfie 6

Pets are Attractive: If you want to make your selfie snap more attractive, then it’s a good idea to bring your pet in it. Taking a selfie with your favorite pet is always a great fun. The cutest factor is that animals are always very attractive in nature and when you are featuring them in your snap; it’s going to be great.

How to take an Attractive Selfie 7

Include your Friends: Always bring your close friends in the selfie with you. Actually each and every one has their own posing style in front of the camera and so it will make the snap more attractive. Another great idea to keep it as a memoir as you can recall the special moments in the future. Remember that friends are always special and they are special enough to make your snap attractive.

How to take an Attractive Selfie 8

Mirror Image: Taking a selfie in front of the mirror is a very easy job. You can be sure that your aim will be perfect one. Some people try out taking selfie in the mirror because it’s a great idea to take more of the body in the selfie. If you are looking forward to show your full outfit in the selfie then this one is the best idea.

How to take an Attractive Selfie 9

Now you have learnt about all the important tips and techniques to take a good and probably the best selfie. From the next time, you should follow these techniques to make your snap more and more attractive. Handle your camera professionally and become a professional selfie photographer.

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