10 Most Interesting Plants of the World

Nature is itself something very interesting and when you think about its creations, you will start learning more and more things that will make you amazed. Actually, we see various types of plants around us but we hardly know most of their names. Even sometimes, a plant is so beautiful that it draws our attention and keeps on looking at it for a while. Most people will say that plants and motionless and they are boring in nature. But they are not. So let’s know about some really interesting plants that are really amazing and maybe you have never seen them before.

Most Interesting Plants of the World:

Titan Arum (Corpse Flower): The Corpse flower actually smells like a rotten corpse and it looks bizarre. Actually this plant is very rare and the according to the IUCN, it is marked as ‘Threatened’. It comes from the forest of Sumatra and they attract bees with their strange smells, which help them to pollinate. A mature plant can weigh up to 200 pounds.

10 Most Interesting Plants of the World 1

Venus flytrap: The carnivorous plant with scientific name Dionaea muscipura. You will hardly find any plants that eat anything else other than water and sunlight. But this plant eats insects. Sounds really amazing and they are mainly found in the North and South Carolina where the soil is less with nutrients. He plant can easily trap an insect and the insect can no more escape from it.

10 Most Interesting Plants of the World 2

Tropical Pitcher Plant: There are about 150 known species of this plant and mostly found in the forests of Sumatra, Philippines and Borneo. Actually, this plant has a pouch in which they digest almost anything. Actually, there is no specific diet of a pitcher plant and so the diet includes anything. This plant also has strong connection with the ecosystem.

10 Most Interesting Plants of the World 3

Cape Sundew: This plant is native to South Africa. Like now you have known about Carnivorous plants but it is something beyond your imagine. It traps its insects not with a rapid movement or weird pitcher shaped structure; instead, it slowly wraps the arms around the prey. The procedure is slow compared to others but too cruel. This is also the only plant in this list that can reproduce very well.

10 Most Interesting Plants of the World 4

Witches’ Butter: Though this plant is known by various other names like Yellow Brain or Golden Jelly Fungus but actually, the original name is mostly popular. It reproduces by both sexual and asexual production and the most amazing thing about these fungi is that it is edible. The plant is now being studied by the scientists for its unique biological process. It mainly grows on dead trees.

10 Most Interesting Plants of the World 5

Hammer Orchid: This is an endangered Orchid and is mostly found in Western Australia. It gets pollinated in a unique way. The plant looks very unique and a bit different. It smells like raw meat and kind of looks like it also. The scientific name of this plant is Dracaea glyptodon.

Dragon’s-Blood Tree: It is one of the coolest looking trees of the world. Actually, the sap of this plant looks like dragon’s blood and deep red even when it is dried into resin. The tree overall looks like an umbrella and the sap is used in toothpaste, stimulants and many other things. It is mostly found on the island of Socotra where the rainfall is very low.

10 Most Interesting Plants of the World 7

Hydnora: It looks like plant on a fiction movie. The Hydnora plant completely grows underground except the flower. It smells like feces and that attracts the bees. This plant doesn’t eat the bees but it traps them until the flower develops. This plant also has fruit, which is similar to the shape and size of a potato. The fruit takes about 2 years to get matured underground.

10 Most Interesting Plants of the World 8

Wolffia: They are the world’s smallest flowering plant. They are so small that you can’t imagine. They almost a size of a full stop in this article. If you have ever been to a pond or a river on any continent, there is a decent chance that you have encountered them. They are very rich in protein and hence used as a diet for animals.

10 Most Interesting Plants of the World 9

Lithops: You may confuse this plant with a rock. Actually, some plant uses toxins to avoid being eaten, some use thorns, but this plant pretend to be rock. Mostly this plant is found in South Africa and there are dozens of species. They hide among the rocks and sometimes come with daisy like flowers.

10 Most Interesting Plants of the World 10

Have you ever heard about these beautiful and amazing plants? Probably not as they are not so common that we see everywhere. Now you will have to believe that plants are so interesting and you can hardly say them boring. So just look everywhere around you, if you can find such a plant that looks amazing and you have never seen before.

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