Know about the Tattoos and Meanings behind it

The world of tattoos is of real fun and we love it just because of it statement and appearance. Different people wear tattoos with different perspectives and that varies a lot. Some people try to memorize a particular event of their life with a tattoo or again some make it to express their personality. Each and every tattoos design is cool but the real thing is that you will have to know about the meanings hidden between each and every tattoo designs. It’s very important to know the meanings behind each and every tattoo and here we have come up with a compilation of different types of meaning of various tattoo designs.

Know about the Tattoos and Meanings behind it

Koi Tattoo: Common symbol of a Japanese culture, Blue Koi – Masculine Fertility, Gold Koi – Good Fortune, Red Koi – Symbolizes Love, Black Koi – Symbol of Overcome etc.
Spider: Symbol of creativity and Patience.
Dove: Peace and Unconditional Love.
Raven: Symbol of Luck according to Greek mythology and represents a messenger about fate.
Scorpion: Strength, Power, Potency, Death, Defense.
Butterfly: Symbol of change, also said as butterfly represents a person going through metamorphosis, Symbolizes person’s soul.
Lion: Represents Strength, courage, bravery and protection.
Eagle: Symbol of the Americans, Represents power and freedom.
Dolphin: Symbol of Wisdom, luck and love.
Snake: Mainly symbolizes power and potency but also regarded as a defensive tattoo.


Koi Tattoo

lion tattoo


scorpion tattoo

Tree: Symbol of longevity, life and supportive. Tree also means start of a new life.
Sun: Symbol of life, nature and light.
Rose: Natural Beauty and Fertility.
Lotus: Symbol of the Sun and Moon.
Clover: Symbol of Fortune and Good Luck.
Rainbow: Good Fortune, Representation of the beauty and struggle.
Creatures and People:
Dragon: In Asian countries, dragon is a symbol of power and longevity. In European countries, dragon is a symbol of Evil and danger.
Geisha: Symbol of Mystery, Beauty and feminine power.
Buddha: Spirituality, Loyalty and consciousness.
Grim Reaper: It’s regarded as a symbol of Death.
Phoenix: Symbolizes the rebirth and love for mythology.
Angel: Many symbolized as protectors and guardians but also regarded as the messenger of god. It can be also portrayed in the memory of any loved ones.
Devil: Symbol of Sin and Resistance. Also regarded as a symbol of rebel.
Nature tattoo (1)

Nature tattoo (2)

Nature tattoo (3)

Nature tattoo (4)

Nature tattoo (5)
Compass: Symbol of direction and Guidance.
Ship: Symbol of Experience, love for seas and good luck for the sailors.
Star: Wonder and inspiration, direction.
Om: Consciousness, Religious beliefs, compassion, Joy and Kindness.
Barcode: Identification in the society and uniformity, uniqueness.
Key: Symbol of Opportunity.
Yin Tang: Symbol of balance, harmony and equality.
Feather: Mainly symbolized as rebirth but also said as a symbol of creativity and personal freedom.
Wings: When you portray whole it represents freedom but if broken then it will represent restrictions. A pair of wings can also symbolize the loss of a loved one.
Cross: Symbol of Salvation and sacrifice.
Heart: Full heart symbolizes the urge of love and half heart symbolizes love lost.
Symbol (1)

Symbol (2)

Symbol (3)

Symbol (4)

Symbol (5)
Dagger: Symbol of lost love or betrayal. It can also symbolize courage.
Lighthouse: Warning, protection, home and light on a path of uncertainty.
Gun: Symbol of Rebellion, personal freedom and protection.
Miscellaneous (1)

Miscellaneous (2)

Miscellaneous (3)
All these symbolic meanings that we have discussed here are very important in case of knowing the meaning of a tattoo and the representation of the tattoo design. First of all, it will help you all in selecting the perfect tattoo design for your own and even discuss about the meanings of the tattoo. Never do any tattoo without knowing the proper meaning behind it. So read this full article carefully and just keep in mind about the meanings each and every tattoo designs represents.

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