Lavish & Luxurious: 10 of the Biggest Houses in the World

If you’re anything like most people, having the financial means to purchase your first home elicits feelings of pride, satisfaction, and stability. After all, it takes years of hard work and a frugal lifestyle to accrue the funds necessary to acquire the keys to your very own pad.

We hate to burst your bubble, but chances are that your home looks like a tiny cardboard box in comparison to the ones you’re about to see. Belonging to some of the world’s richest and most famous people, these colossal properties are dripping with excessive amenities that put even the nicest granite countertops and prettiest chandeliers to shame!


Boasting the title of America’s largest privately owned home, this historic landmark and tourist destination in Asheville, NC, won’t be hitting the real estate market any time in the foreseeable future. The 35-bedroom Biltmore Home took six years to build for George and Edith Vanderbilt in the late nineteenth century. Today, the entire estate is open for the public to enjoy and features an outdoor adventure center, a winery building, shopping center, and much more.

Biggest Houses in the World

The Hamptons are famous for lavish parties, dirty gossip, and of course, extravagant homes. Billionaire Ira Rennert’s mansion in the Hamptons contains 21 bedrooms, 18 bathrooms, and even has its own power plant on site to keep the entire estate running. This aerial view of the property shows some of its other incredible features, including three giant swimming pools, a full gym, a synagogue, and even an orangery.


Allow us to introduce you to Antilia, the world’s first billion-dollar home that was constructed in 2007. Named after a mythical island, this 27-story home is owned by Indian businessman Mukesh Ambani, who Forbes Magazine estimates is worth over $40 billion. The home has an area of 37,000 square meters and features a full-size movie theater, a snow-filled “ice room” where guests can cool down, and an accompanying six-floor parking garage, among other lavish amenities.


The chances are pretty high that if you’re like most people, you have a Facebook account. As one of the key financial benefactors behind Facebook, he has you and thousands of other social media addicts to thank for making it possible for him to purchase this beautiful California mansion. Located in the heart of Silicon Valley, Milner’s 25,000 sq. ft. home sits on eighteen acres and features a full library, a tennis pavilion, a loggia, and his and hers bathrooms that are bigger than an average American’s entire home. If Milner paid the $100 million he is estimated to have forked over for it, the home would be the most expensive residential property in the United States.

The Pinnacle List

Aptly named Xanadu 2.0, Bill Gates’ Washington home is just as geeky as he is. Featuring high-tech amenities like heated floors, a reading room with lighted walls, and a pool with an underwater sound system, the home is nearly 70,000 sq. ft. While the home’s $100 million price tag may seem hefty, that’s less than 1% of Gates’ net worth.


The Toprak Mansion, located on “Billionaire Row” in London’s north end, is approximately 28,000 sq. feet in area. Built by entrepreneur and businessman Halis Toprak, the home was sold to the President of Kazakhstan in 2008. While the home has a modest seven bedrooms, it also shares space with a Turkish bathroom that holds twenty people, glass elevators, a helipad, a full salon and spa, and much more.


Being that he’s responsible for creating some of the most successful television series of all time, it shouldn’t be much of a surprise that television producer and multimillionaire Aaron Spelling had one of the most massive residential homes built for himself and his family back in 1988. Popularly known as “The Manor,” the Spellings’ Los Angeles mansion was sold to Petra Ecclestone back in 2011. The home contains 123 bedrooms and is rumored to also hold a bowling alley and an ice rink. The six-acre property also supposedly had an entire wing set aside for housing wife Candy Spelling’s beloved clothes, shoes, and handbags. While the Spellings were private with the press about the exact amenities in their home, they hosted all kinds of celebrities during their time living at The Manor, from Jacqueline Kennedy to the entire cast of 90210.


Built by investment banker Otto Kahn over a period of approximately six years, starting in 1914, the Otto Kahn Estate is the second largest residence in the U.S., only beat in size by North Carolina’s famous Biltmore Home. Also known as Oheka Castle, the residence boasts 127 rooms and is said to have been inspiration for Gatsby’s estate in F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby. Today the property acts as a swanky hotel and a lavish wedding venue for celebrities such as Joey Fatone and Kevin Jonas.


A gigantic estate with much historical significance, Villa Leopolda in France sits on twenty acres of property along the French Riviera. Lebanese billionaire Edmond Safra is speculated to be the owner of the property, although this has never been confirmed. The estate was originally built by King Leopold II of Belgium, who supposedly used the enormous home to house his many mistresses. The home houses 19 bedrooms, a huge movie theater, countless swimming pools, and priceless historical artwork and antiques.


Popularly known as Maison de L’Amitie, Donald Trump’s former Palm Beach residence was sold in 2008 for nearly $100 million. Sitting on twenty acres of Florida’s most valuable land, the compound houses 58 bedrooms, a ballroom, a beach club, diamond fixtures, among other things. In addition to its outrageously extravagant features, the 62,000 sq. ft. home also holds historical significance, as it once belonged to socialite Marjorie Merriweather Post.



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