Learn About The Many Health Benefits Of Cinnamon

How do you think our ancestors in the past, a couple of generations back managed to remain strong and healthy? They did not have access to the medicines or diagnostic tools that we do. Neither did they have access to the internet. However, when you take into consideration of the limitations of their way of life, you will see that they did a commendable job of staying fit and healthy. Unlike us, they just peeped into their own pantry or kitchen to find the solution for most of their health issues. In this article, we will tell you some of the health benefits of cinnamon. That is not all that is healthy in the kitchen. If you explore a bit more, you will know more about the health if lemons.


That is not all; the kitchen can provide you with herbs and spices or condiments that will put your health on track. Learn about the health benefits of the wonder herb garlic and combine flavor and health using this. You can also find out what are the benefits of eating fruits daily.

Here We Give You The Health Benefits Of Cinnamon:

Cinnamon has medicinal properties: Cinnamon, which is actually the dried bark of a tree comes with many medicinal properties that will take you closer to good health.

Full of antioxidants: Yes, we are talking about the same antioxidants that keep the body protected from oxidative damage that occurs due to free radicals. You can find polyphenols 3,4,5 in cinnamon.

cinnamon for infection

Anti-inflammatory: We all know that inflammatory has the property of keeping body infections away and repairing tissue damage but it being in the body for too long is not good and cinnamon helps combat this. This brings down the risk of diseases.

cinnamon for heart disease

Fights heart disease: Cinnamon in certain quantities helps in controlling the cholesterol in the body and keeps the triglycerides down.

Insulin sensitivity: We all know that diabetics constantly battle the insulin battle and cinnamon lends muscles to reduce insulin sensitivity to a large extent. This in turn brings down blood sugar levels.

Blood sugar level: Besides helping with insulin sensitivity, cinnamon when taken with meals slows down the amount of glucose from entering the blood flow.

cinnamon for alzheimers

Neurodegenerative disease: The use of cinnamon can also have an improving effect on neurodegenerative diseases like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s diseases. Of course, this has not been proven definitively.

Protection from cancer: Again this is something that has not been proven completely but as we know cancer occurs when there is growth of cells that is not controlled. Studies in the laboratory have proven that the use of cinnamon can play a preventive role in this.

cinnamon for reapiratory tract infection

Combat fungal and bacterial infections: There have been studies that prove that the use of cinnamon can be effective in reducing infections and also combat tooth decay. Some people prefer to use cinnamon oil instead of the bark.

HIV virus: Cinnamon slows down the breakup of the immune system that occurs when a person is affected by HIV leading to AIDS. For this to happen, cassia cinnamon extract works better.

There are two types of cinnamon – Ceylon and Cassia. It is believed that using Ceylon cinnamon is better for you than Cassia as there is a particular compound in Cassia cinnamon that when taken in larger quantities can be harmful.

cinnamon 2

So the next time you reach out for that stick of cinnamon to flavor your savory or sweet dishes, do revel in the fact that it is good for you. In fact, there are very few things which can claim this and you should be happy that cinnamon is one of them.

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