10 Life Hacks every Girl should know

Yeah! Girls are actually associated with all the works at home. But doing the same boring thing regularly makes them really frustrated. So being a girl, it’s time to think about something easier and cooler that will really make your life a bit more interesting and easier. Yes, we are talking about some tutorials and also that are all budget friendly in that sense. It will even not take a big time to be done. So if you are a girl just give it a read, or otherwise you will be missing something very valuable to you.

Life Hacks every Girl should know

1. Shower Pocket Organizer: If you are facing a problem with your small bathroom and don’t want to make it more clumsy, you should go with these beautiful ideas of shower pocket organizer. You can keep all your necessary things without using any space. Just hang it in your bathroom. http://www.coco29.com/diy-bathroom-storage-ideas-for-small-spaces/
shower pocket organizer (1)

shower pocket organizer (2)
2. Paint can Rubber band: Planning for painting a furniture or even your home walls? Yeah here’s an amazing trick that will help you to save paint in the whole process. Place a rubber band on the middle of your paint can and it will do its job.
Paint can Rubber band (1)

Paint can Rubber band (2)
3. Chewing gum Trick: No, it’s not a trick that will show you to chew the gums but actually, you should know that when you are cutting an onion, put a chewing gun in your mouth. It will stop your crying.
4. Tic Tac Container: It’s really difficult to keep your bobby pins organized in a single place. So just, get an old tic-tac container and store all your bobby pins in it. Do it once and you will understand the value of this trick.
Chewing gum Trick (1)

Chewing gum Trick (2)

Tic Tac Container (1)

Tic Tac Container (2)
5. Pancake Mix Hack: Do you have Squeezy ketchup and mayonnaise bottles in your home. Yes, you can use them now to put your pancake mix. It will help the wastage of pancake mix and will also help you to avoid messy kitchen.
Pancake Mix Hack (1)

Pancake Mix Hack (2)
6. Soda Can Hack: Yeah! Do you really love to have a beer sitting at the side of a beach? But you can’t do that because of some tough rules? Slide a soda can over your beer can and enjoy the beer in public.
7. Bagel Hack: so if you are looking for a container that will keep your bagel fresh all the day long, and then stop finding or looking for it. Here’s one you already have at home. Take a CD or a DVD container to solve the purpose.
Bagel Hack (1)

Bagel Hack (2)

Soda Can Hack (1)

Soda Can Hack (2)
8. High heel Hack: Actually, if you wear high heel and love to wear that, you may have noticed that your heels will get a lot of scratches and scruffs after some months of use. But you can easily hide that without changing your footwear. Apply some glitter polish over it and it will again look like a new one.
High heel Hack (1)

High heel Hack (2)
9. Key Hack: Our homes are full of locks and as a result full of keys. But the problem is that we really face problems to remember the particular key for particular. It may be possible that you have three keys that absolutely look the same. So just, color code keys for your ease.
10. Cable Hack: You have never thought about such a great use of binder clips. It easily keeps all your cables organized clean and nice.
Cable Hack

Cable Hack

Key Hack (1)

Key Hack (2)
These all tricks that you have learnt above are really useful in your regular life. So you can really use them to solve your purpose. Now the thing is that you should obviously share this out with more girls so that they also can know about the tricks.

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