10 Most Popular iPhone Accessories of the Year

Just because Apple is going to launch the latest versions of iPhone this September as it happens every year, there is no reason for you to freak out or rush to the store to trade in the old model. Though the old version of the Smartphone may not be all the new one, you can make it pretty good with some accessories. Here they are:

GelaSkins: The main thing we want is for the phone to be protected but without sacrificing the looks. Most protectors may not have the look. At GelaSkins you will find that looks and protection are equally important so that you can get both. You can get some of the designs they have or get one designed especially for you, either with a hard case or a skin. Now people will know that it is your phone at first glance.

We all require our mobile chargers but if you want to stand out too then you should go for the PowerFlask that looks like a flask but is a charger. You can use it to charge two iOS devices at once and you will look cool while doing it.

Virtual Keyboard
: iPhones have grown so much that it is almost like the Smartphone is your computer. However working with the keyboard on iPhone, though great it is, can feel somewhat inadequate. But now it is possible to have an actual keyboard anyplace you go with the Cube Laser Virtual Keyboard that can project a keyboard on to an even surface. You can type on this.

Matrix Audio Qube
: The iPhone may be able to store a lot of music but blasting it may not always be possible. But the Matrix Audio Qube can fulfill this need. It is a portable speaker that is among the loudest in the market and is pretty small. This means you get the punch without the bulk.

Matrix Audio Qube
The Vamp:
Feel like buying a new speaker but have some old ones that are lying unused making you feel guilty. Then this little device will perk up the old speakers and make them into wireless speaker when linked to the iPhone.

The Vamp
This one will provide your energy requirements by giving an extra spurt when required. It is discreet and small and does not take up that much space making it portable.

Agloves Original Gloves:
When it is cold out you want to keep hands warm and also use the phone. The Agloves gloves will let you do that and that too allowing you to perform all the tasks you want to like surfing, texting and more…

Agloves Original Gloves
Photojojo Phone Lens Series:
This is something that instagram users will love as it enhances the camera on iPhone. You can do many things to your images and at a reasonable price.

Photojojo Phone Lens Series
This will allow to take a great picture even in the dark by adding to the good but not great flash on iPhone. This way you never have to miss out on a photo opp.

R/C Wi-Spi Helicopter:
Now that your phone is protected, sound enhanced, light enhanced and has a better look, it is time to move to the fun part. With the R/C Wi-Spi Helicopter you can actually control an R/C helicopter with the iPhone (that’s right). This helicopter with a camera also tacked on will send back live video feed to the iPhone. A nice way to relive all those childhood dreams in a grown up way. It goes without saying this should be done while appreciating all boundaries.

Wi-Spi Helicopter

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