Natural Ways to remove Skin Tags and Warts from your Body

Skin is the largest organ on our body and probably one of the most important parts of our body that we should take care of. There are various skin problems that we face and finally take help of the dermatologists to get rid of it. Sometimes it works very well again sometimes; it does not show any result. Like all other common skin problems, skin tags and warts are also a very common, that takes place on your skin. But there is nothing to get confused of. First of all, you will have to identify them and then you can easily remove them out from your skin naturally by some short ways. So you should obviously treat your skin with a lot of respect and care. Read this complete article that will give you knowledge about the skin tags and warts and also will tell you the way to remove them naturally at your home.

Natural Ways to remove Skin Tags and Warts from your Body:

Skin Tags: When you are really confused about the skin tags on your body, first of all, you will have to know the details about the skin tags. Skin tag which is a common skin problem also known as Acrochordon, Cutaneous Papilloma, Cutaneous Tag, Fibroepithelial Polyp, Fibroma Molluscum, Fibroma Pendulum, Papilloma Colli, Soft Fibroma and Templeton Skin Tag is a small tag or an extra growth of skin, which may have a peduncle (Stalk). This may look like a small piece of soft, hanging skin. Actually, the warts take place in any part of the body on the skin, but usually occur in the areas where skin rubs against skin.

Natural Ways to Remove Skin Tags and Warts 1

The most prone areas for skin tags are armpits, eyelids, groin, neck, upper chest and under the breasts. Skin tags are normally benign, which means that it is non-cancerous. But it is a type of tumor, which doesn’t show any type of disturbances. These tumors are made up of a core of fiber and ducts, nerve cells, fat cells and a layer of epidermis skin. Normally the overweight people are prone to the skin tags but also it is a hereditary problem. It is also seen in people with diabetes and pregnant women. Mostly, the skin tags will not fall without a treatment but sometimes in rare cases, they do fall on their own.

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Warts: Warts are also a small growth on skin appearing on feet and hands and normally looks like a solid blister or you can say a small piece of cauliflower. They are also spotted on genitals and groin. The main reason behind the cause of warts is virus. The Human Papilloma Virus or shortly called HPV is the main reason behind the cause of warts. This wart virus causes keratin to grow too fast inside the body, which is a type of protein. Warts can be classified into various types and here we are naming them.

Natural Ways to Remove Skin Tags and Warts 2

Mosaic Warts: Normally grows in clusters.

Palmer Warts: Grows in Hand and Feet.

Common Warts: This wart is very rough in appearance raised from the skin surface. It looks like a bundle of
Cauliflower. Common warts can appear in any parts of the body.

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Plane Warts: This is a kind of flat, smooth and round shaped warts normally brown or yellowish in appearance. This is mostly common in children. It will appear on legs, face and hands. It is uncommon in adults.

Filiform Warts: This type of wart is long and usually appears on the neck, armpits and eyelids.

Plantar Warts: This wart will mainly show up on the soles, heels and toes. Sometimes it becomes very painful due to the friction of the feet as you walk. It will have a black dot with a hard and white surrounding area.

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Tips to Remove Skin Tags and Warts Naturally:

So now, when you are finally removing it, you will need to buy a good brand of organic coconut oil, a box of adhesive brand bandages. Now, when you have these two things with you, start the procedure of removal.
Apply coconut oil to the wart and skin tag and also on the bandage and then cover it up. Repeat the same process regularly day and night twice in a day. If the situation is too bad, you can also try out thrice a day until the wart or skin tag has gone. If your wart or the skin tag is too stubborn it will take time to get removed, but go on repeating the process and surely you will be getting the results. Coconut oil is actually anti-viral and anti-bacterial. It also consists of a type of fat known as Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCts). Actually all the properties of coconut oil suffocates the warts and skin tags resulting it to vanish, die or normally fall down due to lack of blood supply. Coconut oil is full of health benefits and so you have a jar at your home all the time.

Natural Ways to Remove Skin Tags and Warts 4

This treatment really works well and we are ensuing you that you will be able to remove the wart naturally on your own. But you will need some patience as it takes a bit of time to show the result. So go on repeating the process until your warts or skin tags isn’t removed.

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