10 Obscure Facts about Great Works of Art

All over the world, various great works of art are famous for its own characteristics. To mention Statue of Liberty, Leaning Tower of Pisa, Eiffel Tower, Sphinx of Egypt etc. all are well known all over the world and possibly we have seen some of them by our own eyes. But however, all these artworks have some intriguing facts that always remained under the darkness of popularity. Some of the things really disappeared many years ago and some are really unknown to almost everybody around us. But the most interesting part is that there are plenty of things that we never hear about the great works of art. Lets us know about some of those.

Obscure Facts about Great Works of Art:

1. The Scream: We all know that ‘The Scream’ is a very popular painting made by Edvard Munch. It is regarded as one of the most iconic paintings of the 20th century. It was such a great painting that it was stolen for a number of times. But do you know about the inspiration which made Munch to draw this painting? According to munch, one day he was walking with his friends and suddenly he saw that the sky turned red as the blood and after that he heard an infinite scream of nature.

10 Obscure Facts about Great Works of Art 1

2. The Statue of Liberty: Statue of Liberty is one of the greatest artwork in the world. There are various controversies about the fact of what actually the stature represents. But the original fact is that Statue of Liberty is actually Connection to Slavery. The main man behind the statue of liberty is Edouard de Laboulaye, a French politician and abolitionist. He was a backer of Abraham Lincoln and gifted such a great work to America. This is the reason there is a chain on both the foots of the statue.

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3. The Last Supper: In 2007, Giovanni Maria Pala, who is an Italian Computer Technician and musician stated that he had uncovered the musical notes in Da Vinci’s Famous painting ‘The Last Supper’. According to Pala, if one draws five lines of the musical staff across the painting; the hands of Jesus, the hands of his apostles and the loaves of bread on the table would depict some musical notes which would make sense when read from right to left.

10 Obscure Facts about Great Works of Art 3

4. Madame X: The portrait of Madame X is a prominent painting by a young American immigrant named John Singer Sargent. But the portrait was highly criticized and mocked. The major reason behind the criticism was the right strap in the portrait. The strap in the early painting can be seen falling her shoulder revealing much of the model’s skin. Lastly, the strap was repainted and that’s the portrait which we see now.

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5. Last Judgment: Last Judgment is a famous painting by Michelangelo, which was actually requested by Pope Clement VII. It was drawn on the walls of Sistine Chapel. The drawing was actually drawn to represent the last day or the ‘Judgment Day’. The criticism began when Michelangelo drew most of the characters naked, showing their private parts including that of the Jesus Christ and his Mother Mary. This nude image can’t be seen now because it was restored in the church till 1564 A.D

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6. The Eiffel Tower: There is a secret room in the Eiffel Tower that is known to very few people. There is a secret apartment hidden on the highest level. The apartment is actually owned by Gustave Eiffel, the engineer who designed the tower. The apartment is at the top of the tower. Eiffel got many offers from famous peoples for a single night stay in the apartment.

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7. The Leaning Tower of Pisa: The Leaning Tower of Pisa is actually a monument and great mystery in the world. The reason for its distinctive leaning is actually its weak foundation but no one till date knows who designed it. The tower was originally made as a stand-alone bell tower which was common in 10th Century Italy. It was actually built to attract people to the cathedral of Pisa.

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8. The Sphinx: Everyone talks about the missing nose of Sphinx but very few do know about the mystery of the missing beard of sphinx. Sphinx was not originally constructed with a beard but it was attached long after it was constructed. It was added probably to relate sphinx with Horemakhet, an Egyptian god.

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9. The Golden Gate Bridge: Possibly you know that the Golden Gate Bridge is the most photographed bridge in the world. The US navy never wanted this bridge to be built because they feared that if the bridge was bombed and destroyed, it would trap their ships. They also didn’t like the color that the bridge was going to be painted. They wanted the bridge to be painted in yellow and black stripes, but the bridge’s architect painted it with ‘International Orange’ which was similar to the color of the base coat.

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10. Mount Rushmore: It is known to almost everybody that the Mount Rushmore is actually incomplete. But very few people know about the time capsule. The chief architect of Rushmore, Gutzon Borglum, wanted to create a large hall which would serve as a grand room where all the important documents in American History will be kept. But unfortunately he was hindered by lack of money and space and finally died in 1941, leaving the work incomplete.

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So most of the time we know about the great artworks, but we hardly think about the various stories related behind it. Like today you knew about some really interesting stories behind such great artworks, and so from now on you will start researching on other artwork too.

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