6 Off the Wall Tips that can save your Kid’s Life

The time is not that safe outside and when you have kids, it will increase your tension a bit higher. Mostly we think that children are attacked by the strangers, but actually, there are even attacked by the persons they know. It’s very easy to be friendly with kids and they don’t have that knowledge to judge any person. So, it’s up to you that you will have to make them understand about the circumstances that can happen with them. So sometimes, it is not the strangers and children don’t know that they are in danger. But here after reading this article, you can give your kids enough information and make them understand in 30 minutes that can really save their life any time. Don’t you think it’s important?

Actually, frankly saying, children are attacked by the strangers, but that is very rare. In fact, they are more likely to be abused by the persons they know. So teaching your child only about the strangers doesn’t serves the purpose. You have to make them understand that no one should touch their private parts or hurt them even the people they know very well. It’s very sad to say that children are mostly sexually abused than abducted and that also by someone who is deemed safe. So there are few steps that you will have to go through. First of all, you will have to teach them the warning signs of sexual abuse. Next, you will have to learn how to spot someone who is grooming your child for abuse. So let’s get in touch with the important tips and at first let’s start with you.

Off the Wall Tips that can save your Kid’s Life:

1. Throw away all your Child’s personalized Backpacks, Barrettes and Lunch Boxes: If someone calls your children directly by their name, children will trust them quickly. This is a very common child psychology. So you should never leave anything personalized with them so that the strangers can know their name. So please don’t make the work easy for the stranger by plastering their names all over their body. This is a very important factor you should keep in mind.

6 Off the Wall Tips that will Save your Kid's Life 1

2. Having a Code Word: Though it’s a bit tough but you can make up some family code words. Don’t use common words in some cases. Again don’t use something bizarre that not natural. Just learn how you can use it. Suppose you are sending someone to pick up your child, they should know the code word. So you should also tell your child that they should not go with anybody who doesn’t know the code word. If your children are at a friend’s house and if they feel something unsafe there, immediately they should call you and tell the code word so that you can understand it easily. Again, when you are in public and there is a safety threat, you can use the code word to warn your children so that they can exit quickly or get down. These are the tips you should keep in mind. Now let’s move on to the tips that are important for the kids.

6 Off the Wall Tips that will Save your Kid's Life 2

3. Run in the Opposite direction if followed: Tell your Children that if they understand that they are being followed by someone, immediately they should run in the opposite direction of the car. This will help them to hide somewhere, as the car will take time to turn in the opposite direction.

6 Off the Wall Tips that will Save your Kid's Life 3

4. Looking for a Mom with Kids: When there is a trouble, your child has to be desperate. If they are lost and feeling unsafe, tell your children that immediately, they should find a mom with kids. Even they can take help of a police officer. So these important measures can really save then when in danger.

6 Off the Wall Tips that will Save your Kid's Life 4

5. Teach your Children to Scream: Here’s another idea that will really help your children to alarm others nearby them. Teach them some sentences like, Who are you? Help! Or Leave me alone, I don’t know you! Or Where’s my mom and dad? Help! make them understand that they are screaming just because to alarm others in the streets and roads. This will easily save their life, as someone will stand beside them.

6 Off the Wall Tips that will Save your Kid's Life 5

6. Teach them to be Destructive to draw the Attention: If a stranger tries to take them, they should forget about all the manners. Tell them to hit, scream and make a scene. Like if they are being chased in a shop, tell them to knock out things off the shelf. This will draw the attention of other people and it will be easy for the child to disclose others.

6 Off the Wall Tips that will Save your Kid's Life 6

After reading this article, you may think that these all are unnecessary and these types of things occur very rare. Yes, you are right that the chances are really small but you can guarantee that it’s impossible. So spending 30 minutes with your children about his matter is not a big thing that will affect their life. You love your children and you should care for them.

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