20 Best Wedding Gowns From Movies

Wedding dresses are a topic that would pique the interest of any woman. Our movies have had many wedding scenes where the leading lady has dazzled in a beautiful wedding dress. In this article we will score them on how pretty they look and how they went with the character in the film. Most of

Top 10 Movies of 2013 So Far

When it comes to films, you need to look at the calendar differently. It is essentially split into two – the one prior to fall and one after fall. So you can expect the mid levels till May along with a few nominal blockbusters. Summer tends to bring out the big sequels and some well

30 Beautiful Examples Of Easy Origami Animals

The first thing that we would like to tell you about simple and basic origami is that it is quite simple to do and quite affordable. One may assume that this simple yet fascinating art of origami is more suited to children and why would a grownup want to do this? Here are a few

How To Solve A Rubik Cube: Guide with Pictures

The objective of this article is to show you how we can efficiently solve the Rubik Cube. Specifically we will be looking at solving a Rubik’s cube that has 4x4x4 sides. Normally the way that is used to solve out the Rubik Cube is by using a formula that is called the 3x3x3 method. The

30 Pictures of Japanese Art Of Flower Arrangement, Ikebana

There are many aspects of the Japanese culture, traditions and heritage that have left us gasping in wonder. One of them is Ikebana. It is stunning to look at and really leaves the onlooker mesmerized. The word can be split into two to understand the meaning. The word Ike stands for life and Bana means

10 Easy World Records to Break

Everybody wants to set new records or break the older ones. This is a sure shot way of getting a name. The number of entries to The Guinness Book of World Records is a testament to this. People are striving at every level at many activities to try and set a new record. Here is

15 Names and Pictures of Ben 10 Aliens

In the universe that features Ben 1, the Omnitrix and the other models that followed have the genes of many races that are alien, which the supposed hero utilizes. What this in essence means is that this list will not only have those alien avatars that Ben Tennyson takes on but also the other races

40 Cute Merry Christmas Wallpapers to Download For Free

While Christmas has been described as the season for giving, sharing and spreading happiness, there are elements of Christmas that remain really cute. We know that describing Christmas as cute seems to be the wrong thing to do, but the fact is that Christmas does lend itself to cuteness. Let us face it- the festive