10 Plants Never to Grow in your Yard

If you have a big house, it’s very common that you have a yard inside the boundary. We really like to have a beautiful garden in our yard but that needs a lot of dedication. If you have a gardener for the purpose, then the matter is something different but if you do all the gardening on your own, you will have to know about some basic things that will guide you in the matter. We people that growing any plant in the garden will make a suitable sense but no, it’s actually not. You will have to know which plants are good and which plants are bad for your garden. Here we will tell you about 10 plants that you should never grow in your yard.

Plants Never to Grow in your Yard

Mint: Yeah! It’s a wonderful herb to grow but that not in the yard. We use mint for various purposes mainly because of the flavor. But it’s root are too invasive that spreads all over the yard like a weed. That’s a big problem.
Aloe Vera: May be now you are thinking that we have an allergy with useful plants. But no it’s dangerous for the pets. The latex found in the aloe vera plant is very toxic and can cause health issues in pets. So please ignore this plant if you want to keep your pet safe.
Aloe Vera
Bamboo: Some people love to grow bamboo plants in their yard, as it also looks unique. But when you plant it within a few years you will find that your full yard is protected with bamboo piracy and it’s need a long time to eradicate them.
Wisteria: A beautiful looking plant with beautiful flowers. But the only problem with this plant is it’s root system which spreads over anything coming in its way. This plant also lives for about hundreds of years. So think a bit before planting.
Amaranthus: It’s very common that some people consider planting an Amaranthus plant in their garden to make it more beautiful and unique. But it can make the allergy sufferers go down. It is regarded as a top pollen producer.
Water Hyacinth: It’s a native plant of South America and serves as a natural filter for the Koi . But remember that it can easily choke out the fishes and other plants in the pond. Try to find any other water plants that also look beautiful.
Water Hyacinth
Euphorbia: Euphorbia is known as a plant that comprises many different species. The plants is actually very beautiful but contains a milky sap which if comes into contact will irritate the skin and if ingested is terribly poisonous.
Castor Bean: It is a fast growing and annual plant with beautiful and unique flowers. But all parts of this beautiful plant is actually poisonous. If you have a pet or a kid at home, then never ever think of including this plant in the garden.
Castor Bean
Japanese Barberry: Many plant and flower lovers have a real love with the Japanese barberry but actually, it is the favorite plant of blacklegged ticks, which is known to carry Lyme disease. Consider for an alternative to have a safe garden.
Japanese Barberry
Mimosa Tree: This tree is known for its Feather like leaves and beautiful pink flowers. But you will never want to share your garden with your neighbor, and this will actually happen. This plant is really invasive and will spawn seedling all over the yard.
Mimosa Tree
Now before you start working on your garden and selecting the plants just keep in mind about these dangerous plants that are unsafe for your yard garden. So look for some other plants that really look beautiful and are useful but also don’t affect your yard in some other ways.


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