17 of the Most Powerful Warrior Tattoo Designs

The word warrior probably conjures up violence, fighting and death, which may not be the imagery you’re looking for in your new tattoo design. However, having a tattoo of a mighty warrior symbolizes so much more than that, and it is a wonderful way to have a strong, detailed and meaningful design. Warriors represent strength, courage, persistence and winning battles (both physical and emotional), so don’t think that by having a warrior tattoo design you’re simply glorifying violence. With the wide range of different warrior tribes throughout the ages you can look at for inspiration you may find that you’re spoiled for choice, so here is just a selection of the amazing designs out there.

Samurai Warrior Tattoo Designs

Tattoos Samurai Warrior Tattoo Samurai-Tattoo samurai-tattoo-on-bicep

The Japanese Samurai were warriors in Medieval Japan, and had a strong ethical code relating to loyalty, self discipline and respect. Samurai uniforms were detailed and elaborate, and in particular the Samurai helmet is an image that is well-known throughout the world. It’s partly their intricate armor and large and distinctive swords that make Samurai an excellent choice for a warrior tattoo design. If you’re a fan of Japanese tattoos then it’s an even better choice, and you’ll find that your tattoo artist will need to put a lot of work into the tattooing. In fact, a Samurai warrior would look absolutely amazing as a full back piece.

Celtic Warrior Tattoo Designs

Celtic Warrior Tattoo Designs6 Celtic Warrior Tattoo Designs

The Celtic warriors were known as the barbarians of Europe, and were made up of brave and savage tribesman from the Celtic lands. Typically they wore little armor and used weapons such as slings, axes and javelins. Think long hair, bare chests, broad shoulders and massive swords, and you’re on the right lines for your Celtic warrior tattoo design. A great way to make your Celtic warrior tattoo even more meaningful is to incorporate other Celtic ideas and symbols, for example Celtic tribal knot-work or a Celtic cross.

Female Warrior Tattoo Designs

female-warrior-fantasy-tattoo-on-leg Female Warrior Tattoo 4 Female Warrior Tattoo

Traditionally you may think of warriors being only men, but a powerful female warrior would make a wonderful tattoo design as well. Whether it’s because you like a powerful female shape, or you want to make a statement about the strength of women, a female warrior makes a commanding image for a great tattoo. You can use warriors from any era or myth for your female warrior tattoo, or even come up with a fantasy warrior of your own.

Native American Warrior Tattoo Designs

Native American Warrior Tattoo Native American Warrior Tattoo 4

The Native American Indian headdress is commonly known throughout the world, but did you know that they were reserved specifically for warriors? Deeply spiritual people as well as powerful warriors, a Native American warrior with resplendent feather headdress would make an awesome choice for a warrior tattoo design. Just the head of a Native American warrior looks magnificent as a tattoo design, but the full body would look even more powerful. You can also include other Native American images such as an eagle, a wolf or a dream-catcher to top off your fantastic warrior tattoo design.

Roman Warrior Tattoo Designs

Roman Warrior Tattoo  5 Roman Warrior Tattoo  76 Roman Warrior Tattoo 3 Roman Warrior Tattoo

The armor of Roman soldiers, with the distinctive helmets, graves, bare legs and shields, mean that if you’re looking for a tattoo of a Roman Warrior you should have no problems finding inspiration. In fact, with the masses of movies that depict Roman soldiers, such as Gladiator, Spartacus and Centurion, you have a whole wealth of designs and ideas to choose from. A tattoo of a Roman Soldier would look great whether you choose to have a sideways view of just the soldier’s head, with the unique cock’s comb helmet, or the whole body of a soldier, complete with broadsword and shield.

Viking Warrior Tattoo Designs

Viking Warrior Tattoo 1 Viking Warrior Tattoo 2

Viking warriors are another powerful choice for a warrior tattoo design, and although the famous helmets with Viking horns weren’t often worn by actual Viking warriors in history, choosing one as part of your tattoo will make it obviously a Viking. As well as having a Viking warrior as you design, you could also include a recognizable Viking long-ship, as long as you’ve chosen a part of the body that’s large enough to include this extra detail.