40 of the Most Stunning Egyptian Tattoo Designs

With a rich and varied history full of myth and legend, it’s no wonder that symbols and imagery from Ancient Egypt are a popular choice for tattoo designs. As well as making excellent tattoos nowadays, the history of tattooing actually goes back to the Ancient Egyptians. From people depicted with tattoos in ancient tomb carvings, to the tattooed mummified remains of Egyptians from around 2000 B.C, it’s clear that even back then tattoos were popular!

egyptian-tattoo-on-chest-n-shoulders spinx-egyptian-tattoo-on-arm the-egyptian-ankh-tattoo-meaning-and-design

Stunning Egyptian Tattoo Designs

colorful-egyptian-tattoo Egyptian Tattoo Egyptian_tattoo_130 Egyptian-Tattoo-81 egyptian-tattoo-designs-on-back-of-shoulders egyptian-tattoo-designs-on-wrists egyptian-tattoo-on-back egyptian-tattoo-on-back-for-guys egyptian-tattoo-on-back-shoulder

Ankh Tattoo Designs

ankh tattoo

cute couple-2

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