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40 Amazingly Holding Rock Sculptures

When it comes to art, the point is often to get some emotion out of us and we are sure the emotion that these amazingly holding rock sculptures is amazement. We are sure that is not the only emotion that you will feel but that will be your first reaction. Why do these amazingly holding

40 Cool While Badass Tattoos to INK

The thing is though tattoos have become mainstream today and acceptable with so many trained artists being available there is something badass about tattoos. Don’t deny it; there is something naughty and non-conformist about the world of tattoos. It does not matter whether we are talking about cool 3D tattoo designs to get inked or

40 Impossibly Cute Dot Tattoo Ideas In Fashion

The world in general including us tend to think that only big things have an impact and this could be true to a certain extent. Having said that, it does not necessarily mean that small things do not carry an impact; take for instance impactful tattoos. Ranging from some of the most stunning Egyptian tattoo

40 Phenomenal Pictures Of Abandoned Places

When you look at a picture of a place that has been abandoned, it leaves you with a feeling of curiosity and sadness that will leave you wondering about the history of the place. However, in some cases you will be left with the feeling that the place in question is better off being abandoned

40 Spectacular Pictures Of Covered Bridges

One of the best aspects of traveling is getting to see the most amazing sights among the many other fun aspects. The power of the visuals is such that even when you have returned to your own place, they still remain in your heart. And sometimes smells, sounds and even parts of visuals of these

40 Lovely Nature Tattoo Designs

We have always argued that among the many talented and blessed artists, the one that stands out as the best is Mother Nature herself. Because she is the core of our inspirations and not only is she responsible for the art around us but also the artists. That is why when it comes to something