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35 Custom Tattoo Design Ideas For You

The design aspect of tattoos is something that is intensely personal even though in most cases, tattoos are on display for all to see. Considering these factors along with the permanence of the tattoo on your skin make it imperative that you pay a lot of attention to the tattoo design that you are going

Top 55 Tribal Tattoo Designs For Men And Women

Yes, it is true that tattoo artists and body art connoisseurs alike often scoff at tribal tattoos. However, most people actually love the artwork and meaningful concepts behind tribal tattoos; the absurdity derives from the fact that many of the individuals who select tribal ink often don’t know the history or significance behind their designs

25 Super Sexy Pin Up Girl Tattoo Designs

Pin up girl tattoo designs are very popular with both men and women, and are a great way to personalize your ink as you can choose from a wide variety of poses, outfits and themes. The pin up girl became popular during the Second World War as a way to keep up the morale of

40 of the Most Stunning Egyptian Tattoo Designs

With a rich and varied history full of myth and legend, it’s no wonder that symbols and imagery from Ancient Egypt are a popular choice for tattoo designs. As well as making excellent tattoos nowadays, the history of tattooing actually goes back to the Ancient Egyptians. From people depicted with tattoos in ancient tomb carvings,

25 Cool 3D tattoo Designs for 2014

Today a 3D tattoo has become really popular with each tattoo being a unique piece of art. Surprisingly this trend of 3D tattoos is not only followed by the younger people but also by people from the older generation. We all know that tattooing is not new and has  been around for quite some time,

30 Latin Quote Tattoo Ideas

We all know about the tattoos that David Beckham and Angelina Jolie sport. Among the many that Beckham has, it includes the name of his children and Angelina used to have the name of her ex husband Billy Bob Thornton tattooed which was later covered up. But the interesting thing to note is that these

30 Simple And Beautiful Tiny Tattoo Designs

Once you have decided that you will go for the tattoo that you have always wanted, you may find that there are still some lingering doubts about it. You may wonder whether you will be able to carry it off at work and at home. Or even wonder about it how much it is going