The Popularity and Motivation Behind Tiger Tattoos Explained

Nature creates beautiful icons of majesty and beauty that dance across the landscapes of the world in an idyllic way. Among these creatures are magnificent predators and meek prey. The most powerful of these natural creations, though, may just be the tiger. With piercing yellow eyes that seem to dance in the night sky and a fur blanket of orange with black striping highlights, the tiger is truly one of the most magnificent of beasts. Because of the power and the strength that this large feline represents, it is no wonder then that tiger tattoos are as popular as they are. From the small boutique tattoo shops on the quiet corners to the hustling and bustling venues of larger artists, there is sure to be someone seeking out tiger tattoos for their body art collection. Though the tattoo may be similar, however, the reasons and meanings behind the choice of opting for tiger tattoos can be very different.

Japanese Roots

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One of the most popular reasons that individuals seek tiger tattoos is because of the cultural significance of these body art pieces. Tattoo artists know that the creatures are as powerful symbolically as they are in their beauty. A tiger in Japanese culture represents strength and softness at the same time. Often coupled with a dragon piece as well, the tiger represents the strength in the yin yang design. Because of this cultural significance, then, tiger tattoos remain a popular option for those well versed in Asian culture and even among those who are not.


Another reason that tiger tattoos are so popular is that there is a beauty to the creatures themselves, as aforementioned. These creatures of the jungles have unique and yet distinct patterns that separate them from all other animals in the world. Nearly instantaneously this animal will be recognized among the others and be viewed as both intimidating and yet magnificent. The beauty itself has made the tiger a fun one to tattoo for many different artists. Tiger tattoos may look the same in the creature that is being drawn on the body, but they can have great variance in their intensity. The beauty aspect, then, makes the tattoos in this genre a popular choice for both receiver and artist alike.

Mascot Magic

Tiger tattoos may not have any deep emotional rationale behind their drawing as well. They may simply be a creation that represents the love of a past time or of a favorite team. At virtually all levels of play and across numerous sports, the tiger is used as a mascot. This mascot potential means that individuals are likely to choose this option not for a deeper meaning but to show their school or team pride.

Emotional Response

Finally, though not an exhaustive list, another of the most popular reasons that people choose to get tiger tattoos is for the emotions that they evoke. The tiger represents strength and ferocity, as aforementioned, but also depicts something much less aggressive: purity. In many cultures and ethnic groups, the tiger is seen as good not aggressive and powerful not violent. For that reason, it is often the emotional connection with the wild beast that is the primary motivation behind its being chosen for tattooing.

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Focal Points

The focal points of tiger tattoos can vary from artist to artist and from client to client. There are, however, two common approaches to putting this piece of body art in place. First, an individual may want to do the close-up facial tattoo in which it is the tiger’s countenance that is of focus. This is often a large piece for clients and can have intricate details that highlight the tiger’s facial features. For that reason, those who choose this option in tattooing are likely to see tiger tattoos that are more detailed, large, and relying on colors rather than the body structure to translate what the tattoos is depicting. Another option that many different artists choose for tiger tattoos is the full body. In full body tiger tattoos, the whole tiger is depicted or at least a better overview of the body as well. This is about the bigger picture and, like the facial construct, is likely to rely heavily on details and quintessential tiger features.


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